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Mindfulness and Physical Health



Everyone wants to be healthy. Health is one of the most valued and cherished possessions. It is also temporary. Inevitably we all get sick. We all die. Acknowledging reality is the most healthy choice we can make when it comes to our health.


We want to maximize our health but somehow we have to fully accept disease and death. What can we do to bridge this gap? 


Mindfulness awareness, just being fully present in each moment, allows us to accomplish two paradoxical things at once. We make better choices and we completely accept things as they are. 


When we wholeheartedly taste ice cream we don’t overindulge because we are satiated. Our enjoyment leads to satisfaction rather than an endless cycle of feeling deprived. 


At the same time we don’t get hoodwinked into believing we’re not human. We keep our feet on the ground. We equally recognize that our health choices are important and disease is a part of life. From a mindfulness perspective nothing less than the whole picture is true health. 


Suggested Mindfulness Practice:

For one week, instead of trying to improve your health, simply observe your life. Give yourself permission to stay just as you are, for one more week, and be mindful of everything and anything you do while you are doing it. Simply be aware of your body, breath, sensory experiences, thoughts, and environment. After one week ask yourself, “What did I learn about my daily patterns of thinking, emotions, and behaviors?” Don't be judgmental. Simply observe. 




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