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Thank you for visiting Living Stress Free. We are Louis and Marilyn Guadagnino and we cofounded LSF in 2011 after decades of meditation practice and working in the mental health field. We teach mindfulness meditation to individuals, groups and organizations, provide counseling and coaching services, and help transform lives through our Living Stress Free Wellness Program, the cutting edge of stress management.


We are so excited you found us and have an interest in stress free living! We may not be able to stop stressful circumstances from coming into your life, but we can help you change the relationship you have with stress - permanently.


Our vision is to help you live a more fulfilling life. So many people have come to us with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, difficulty coping with life stressors or just feeling stuck. Others have a need for more direction, increased balance in their life or support to reach their goals. We would love to help you have happiness, health and success in all areas of life. That is our mission.


The LSF Meditation technique is extremely unique. Unlike other forms of meditation, our technique requires no concentration and no need to stop the mind from thinking. It is a form of nondirective meditation - effortless mindfulness. The practice is simple, pleasurable and effective. Since its inception, Living Stress Free has helped thousands of people reduce their stress and improve their life through learning and practicing LSF Meditation.


Our Living Stress Free Wellness Program has been sold internationally to people looking to reduce their stress and live a more fulfilled life. Spanning three continents, customers have shared how the techniques and practices taught in this program have transformed their lives. We are currently teaching this program through eCoaching.


We operated the Living Stress Free Wellness Center in Rochester, NY serving hundreds of people teaching LSF meditation, providing LSF Counseling and offering monthly classes and courses, monthly workshops and seasonal meditation retreats. Many of these same services we currently offer at our LSF home office in Rochester, NY. 


We have taught LSF Meditation to Corporations and School Systems. We were featured on WXXI Radio in Rochester, NY speaking about mindfulness meditation. LSF published two books: It’s Never Too Late To Do Nothing - Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Intelligence as well as The Living Stress Free Wellness Program. A third book, based on LSF counseling suggestions, will be available the end of 2017.


Now that you’ve learned more about Living Stress Free, we invite you to explore our website to see how we can help you improve your life. Use our Contact Page for specific questions directed either to Lou or Marilyn about the products and services we provide.



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