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Lou Guadagnino has been a meditator for over forty years. He has had the good fortune to learn and practice Buddhist and Yogic meditation under recognized meditation masters. He has also studied and practiced in the Zen and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions and in Tantric and Bhakti Yoga traditions. 


Lou’s lifelong goal is to assist the cultural transition of Buddhist and yoga meditation into Western culture. His teachings emphasize practical universal application and proper technique. Lou teaches Living Stress Free Meditation classes, both individually and in groups, in person or online. He offers LSF Life Coaching to help people change their lives using the techniques from his Living Stress Free Wellness Program. He also gives public talks on the practical application of Buddhist and yogic teachings, facilitates workshops and meditation retreats. His book, It's Never Too Late To Do Nothing: Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Intelligence breaks barriers when it comes to understanding and learning how to practice mindfulness meditation and yoga for personal growth. 


His message is simple: meditation is a universal practice that has sprouted into many forms over the centuries but its essence and its practical benefits are still very much available to anyone living any lifestyle, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. With a simple daily practice and a little understanding, any student can improve the quality of their life and health. 




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