The 8 Resolutions That Will Make 2020 the Best Year Ever

Marilyn and Lou Guadagnino 01/01/2020



Welcome to the New Year - 2020. In U2’s iconic song of the same title, they sing: “I will begin again.” This is the sentiment and the intention of many of us. A fresh new year, a brand new decade, and a chance to start again to make positive changes in life.


With all the best intentions to move forward on our goals, often something gets in the way, something interferes with our plans. That something, from the Living Stress Free perspective, is stress. 


Stress is anything that disrupts our balance. We may be moving forward, making progress, and then the unexpected happens. This interrupts our progress temporarily but sometimes, permanently. Then we tend to blame ourselves for failing. This self-criticism only increases stress!


We would like to offer a solution. Instead of focusing on one main goal or resolution, why not eight? The LSF Eight Essential Areas seamlessly work together to create a life of fulfillment, happiness, and contentment. Honoring each area on a regular basis will restore balance and minimize stress reactions.


Here are the Eight Essential Areas and suggestions to practice honoring each area this year.


  1. Physical Health: Find an inspiring, brand new resource or cookbook to use for new recipes to follow. This will help you enjoy the eating plan of your choice.


  1. Mental Health: Choose your battles, especially the ones in your own mind, and drop unnecessary negative thinking. Increase awareness of stress in the mind and the body and take time to let go of the stress.


  1. Relationships: Pay more attention to the effect you have on others and if needed, adjust accordingly. We often put too much attention on the other person, forgetting our own responsibility in the relationship.


  1. Work/Contribution: Drop resistance. Be more aware of negative thoughts, feelings, and impressions about your work tasks and let them go. Just do it.


  1. Recreation/Fun: Drop the idea that recreation is just for when you get everything else done. It is just as important as the rest of your life. Bring more me-time to your new year.


  1. Education/Learning: Increase your inspiration; take the time to learn something new. Each day to read, listen, or watch something interesting that is new to you, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.


  1. Financial Wellness/Prosperity: Be aware of all aspects of your finances on a consistent basis but don’t get obsessed with them. Prosperity thrives on relaxed attention.


  1. Spirituality: Experience silence, meditate, pray, participate in devotional practices, increase compassion, spend time in nature - self-care and spirituality go hand in hand.


If you are unable to work on one of the areas, you cannot fail: you have seven others to honor. You have a wonderful palette to place your attention on day to day. It’s a win-win situation that feels very empowering. Make 2020 the year of self-care by having the intention to seriously lower your stress each day.


Listen to The Living Stress Free Podcast that accompanies this blog: The 8 Resolutions That Will Make 2020 the Best Year Ever


We wish you a healthy, happy, productive, stress-free 2020.


Marilyn and Lou Guadagnino


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