Yoga Music Therapy Group

Yoga Music Therapy


Stress Release through Music, Mindfulness, Self-Expression, and Support

This therapy group includes LSF mindfulness meditation, body awareness, nada meditation, drum circle/rhythm improvisation, vocal toning, and insight-oriented sharing.


  • Yoga is balance … yoga is union … yoga is the art of perfecting being.
  • Music is a universal language … music activates parts of the brain not used in normal cognitive processes … music is an integral, natural part of people's way of life, in all cultures.
  • Therapy is a curative power or quality … therapy is a treatment that helps someone feel better, do better, and grow stronger.


Yoga Music Therapy Group combines the healing elements of meditation, yoga, and music-sound with the benefits of group therapy.

Eastern healing techniques merge with western clinical practices in this innovative weekly support group designed to release stress and improve health, happiness and inner peace.


singing bowls


Group Format:

-Release thoughts and feelings nonverbally through improvisation and drumming.

-Connect with your core awareness through LSF Meditation.

-Experience Nada Meditation to help fine-tune awareness of how thought is created.

-Discuss thoughts and feelings needing to be processed and released to receive group insight and support.

-Learn how to relax your body systematically.

-Experience presence and de-emphasize thought patterns and feelings through vocal toning.


This weekly support group is open to adults who are interested in lowering stress, decreasing depression, anxiety or anger and are looking for a creative way to express their feelings and discuss issues in a safe, caring environment. This is group therapy with the creative addition of music and sound for inner balance and awareness, led by Marilyn Guadagnino LCAT, MT-BC


Contact Marilyn to save your seat for the fall session:

Eight-Week Fall Yoga Music Therapy Session - Wednesdays 7-9 pm - September 5th-October 24th


Living Stress Free Main Office

277 Alexander Street - Suite 303

Rochester NY 14607





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