Love: It's an Inside Job



You are already perfect. Your job in life is to be you.


We look outside ourselves for things that can only be found inside. Love is a great example of this. Everyone wants love. What do we do when we want to experience love? We look outside ourselves for someone or something to create that special bond we experience as love. What we don't realize is the external attractions are just mirroring what we already have inside.


Love is constant and eternal. Love is the nature of all existence. We are love. 


Why are we always looking for love from someone or something else? How do we discover love within ourselves? 


Love: It's an Inside Job answers these questions and more! This 4-week course on spiritual love examines the source of love, the experience of love, and the practice of love. We will be sharing ideas from the Eastern traditions of Shaivism, Buddism, and Taoism, and discuss how the experience of spiritual love can change your entire perception of life. This shift in perspective can lower your stress and create more happiness, health, and fulfillment. We will offer techniques to enhance the experience of love in your life each day and facilitate meaningful discussions on how to increase love in your life from the inside out.


Come join Marilyn and Lou for this rejuvenating experience every Wednesday evening throughout February 2020.


Love: It's an Inside Job

Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm

February 5th through 26th

Rochester, NY



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