Psychology uses the term homeostasis to explain the human need to maintain an inner state of balance while coping with stressors caused by ever-changing environments and an unpredictable world.


Have you noticed there are specific places, situations, and people with whom you feel totally comfortable and there are other places, situations, and people with whom you feel nervous and out of place?


Obviously, it's normal to feel both ways. Nonetheless, as you learn about stress and its harmful effects, it is important to consider not only your emotional state when you feel out of place and stressed but what consequently happens in your life as a result of these feelings.


Can you think of one example where your anxiety, stress, tension or agitation caused you to say or do things that were not optimal?


How about a situation where you did not do or say something because of feeling stressed, knowing it was the right thing at the time, and later regretting it?


We all have done it.


Add those times up and it’s easy to see that stress affects all of our lives in very real ways — in ways that go way beyond how we feel.


Helping people discover their internal homeostasis is what we do and we can show you how to maintain your inner balance even during stressful times and in stressful situations.


The best way to get started is to take a look at your current stress level and get a clear understanding of the stressors in your life and how stress is impacting you. We have created a free, no obligation stress test that will only take a few minutes of your time. Complete the questions and we will get back to you on the results of your test. We will also send you suggestions about how you can lower your stress so you can spend more time living and less time stressing. 

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