Although stress doesn’t have to be a relationship killer, research does show stress can have a powerful negative effect on relationships. Imagine stress as a weight sitting on a beam of wood. If the wood is super quality with zero weak spots or hairline cracks the beam will hold the weight. But if the same weight is placed on a beam of wood that does have a hidden crack the beam will split or break.


This example is similar to what happens in our relationships when stress levels get too high. We may be in a perfectly sound relationship but if we get too stressed out, suddenly cracks and problems start showing up in areas such as communication, intimacy, trust, spending habits, substance use, parenting, and many other areas. Even solid relationships are affected by how stress is handled. 


Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a stress coach and learning methods to de-stress, de-escalate and return to inner balance, can help you and your loved ones get back to enjoying your time together. Ask one of our Stress Coaches for a Free Consultation to learn more about how you can lower your stress and get back to enjoying life.


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