Despite what you may have heard about “good stress” the simple truth is stress is unhealthy. You don’t have to be a scientist or a medical doctor to see how stress affects your health.


You know how stress feels and you know it doesn’t feel good. When you feel stressed your body is sending you messages and those messages are asking you for your help.


Tight stomach muscles, racing heart, sweaty palms, headache pain, lightheadedness, anxiety, anger, and dread; all of these stress symptoms and more are your body’s way of asking — “Can you please change this stressful situation so I can regain my inner balance”?


As if the effect of stress on your heart, brain, and body isn't enough, stress is also unhealthy because it prevents you from following practical medical advice. Stress can interfere with your intentions to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise regularly, quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and even do something as simple as taking daily medications.


Your ability to improve your health is severely limited by your degree of stress and whether or not you know how to return yourself to inner balance.


If you have been trying to live a healthier, happier lifestyle but feel like you keep hitting roadblocks whenever you try - we can help.


Let's take a look at your current lifestyle, the changes you would like to make, and your options for reaching your goals. Our stress coaches would love to answer all your questions and it’s free with no obligation on your part. All you have to do is request a free stress consultation.


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