Here are a few of the natural techniques we teach, to help people lower their stress. These techniques took years to develop. First, we learned meditation and yoga ourselves and practiced under the guidance of our teachers. Next, we developed simple techniques that we knew would be suitable for busy contemporary schedules. We taught our techniques to many people, both in person and online, and listened to their suggestions, successes, and challenges.  Eventually, we developed an entire system of integrated techniques and information that have successfully helped people lower stress, increase wellness, and enhance wellbeing. 


LSF has been described as "practical spirituality" because we offer proven spiritual and mental wellness tools that help people spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Let's face it. Most of us struggle with common problems and challenges that are not an illness or a disability. What we really need are practical solutions, time-tested wisdom, and essential know-how. Put those three things together and you have Living Stress Free.





LSF Services and Products



LSF Meditation


LSF Meditation is a simple easy form of nondirective meditation, effortless mindfulness, that anyone can do because it does not require strenuous concentration or having to focus your mind on one object. Nondirective meditation has been shown to help the brain expel stress from your body and mind.
In as little as 15 minutes a day, you can lower your stress, feel better, and do better. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and scientific research has shown that a daily meditation practice can increase brain health. So what's to lose? Feel better, do better!
LSF Meditation is the easiest, most effective meditation technique anywhere as more and more people are discovering. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of LSF Meditation so we have created several stress-free ways for you to learn. You choose the way that is convenient for you and fits your schedule. 


  • LSF Meditation Instruction with Louis Guadagnino - Rochester, New York office or Skype
    Louis Guadagnino is Director of Meditation Studies at Living Stress Free, Inc. He is the creator of the LSF Meditation technique and developer of the LSF Meditation Teacher Certification Program. 
  • E-Meditation includes LSF Meditation eBook with complete instructions, troubleshooting, and helpful suggestions, and a free audio download that gives complete instructions so you can just sit back, listen, learn and meditate! 
  • Team Meditation is once-per-month group meditation practice. It is now open to newbies and includes complete LSF Meditation instruction. No prior knowledge of meditation is necessary. Team Meditation takes place at the Living Stress Free office located in Rochester, New York. 


LSF Meditation Instruction and E-Meditation come with 30 days of email support to answer your questions and make sure you are meditating the stress free way!





LSF Stress Coaching


LSF Stress Coaching is all about mental wellness - reducing stress and living optimally. Every one of us has the ability to discover inner balance and calm.  LSF Stress Coaching helps you take a look at your current life: how you spend your time, how you wish you were spending your time, your values, your stressors, how your energy is directed. It then helps you lower your stress and redirect your life in the direction you want to go.


Your LSF Stress Coach will help you identify stressful areas of your life that need readjustment, such as areas that are getting too much or too little attention to be in balance with the rest of your life. In some ways, a Stress Coach is like a chiropractor in that he or she helps you realign your lifestyle so there is less wear and tear on your wellbeing. You will have opportunities to learn techniques such as meditation, yoga music, guided imagery, sleep regulation, creating dynamic weekly schedules, and a wealth of helpful information about stress. You will also have the opportunity for regular contact with your Stress Coach to ask questions, share insights and problem-solve. 





Spiritual Intelligence Course


The Spiritual Intelligence Course is specifically designed for people who are interested in spirituality and developing a spiritual path or enhancing their current path. The Spiritual Intelligence Course shares wisdom and insights that originated in the Indian traditions of Yoga, Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, and Buddhism but it is not an academic course.  


The Spiritual Intelligence Course is a spiritual path in itself that shares with you the world's oldest spiritual insight - that we all share one Universal Self. Yoga, meditation, mantra, prayer, devotion and all other forms of spiritual practice are methods to prepare us for awakening. We must wake up from our ego dreams of being isolated souls stuck inside physical bodies. We also have to wake up from our personal narratives - the run-on story we tell ourselves and others about who we are and what we are doing. 


You will receive an SPI lesson each week to inspire you to look inside and see deeper levels of yourself and the world around you. Lessons will share ancient truths and insights from yogic and meditation classics but they will also offer you suggested practices, contemplations, and techniques that will help you experience spiritual intelligence - our term for living in the zone, moving towards enlightened living. 


You will also have email access to the course's author, Louis Guadagnino, who is also the creator of LSF Meditation and the author of two LSF books - The LSF Wellness Program and It's Never Too Late To Do Nothing: Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, and Spiritual Intelligence. Your email conversation with Louis Guadagnino is a wonderful opportunity to share your spiritual journey and to get support in applying the course to your life. 





LSF Counseling


LSF Counseling is for everyone. You do not need to be suffering from mental health symptoms to want to learn more about yourself or learn what steps you need to take to build the life that you want to live. LSF Counseling is for anyone who is ready to connect, learn, experience, and grow.


Marilyn Guadagnino LCAT MT-BC is a licensed New York State psychotherapist who has over thirty years experience helping people learn how to function optimally and achieve their goals. She is also a Certified Music Therapist who has extensive experience not only writing and performing music but also using music and sound to help people identify and manage emotions, quiet their thoughts, reduce and prevent stress, and build healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Marilyn has been practicing meditation and yoga for twenty-five years and has a special interest in Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound). She often helps clients by teaching them sound vocalization and chanting practices. Marilyn created LSF Nada Meditation which is a simple relaxing meditation technique that uses sound and silence. 


LSF Counseling is a chance for you to get to know yourself better and build the life you want with Marilyn’s support, education, insight, wisdom, humor, and kindness. All of us need a sacred space to work things out now and then. Space where we can feel heard and understood. Space where we are not being judged or evaluated. Space where we can gain clarity about who we are, where we are going, and the steps we need to take to get there. A space we count on for encouragement, support, and building resilience. LSF Counseling is a sacred space to connect, learn, experience and grow.





Other LSF Services and Products


LSF is a complete mental wellness program. All LSF products and services work together in an integrated way to help you lower stress, balance your life, and get where you want to be. 


The Living Stress Free Wellness Program is a 7-step guide to changing the relationship you have with stress and discovering tools that result in more happiness, health, and success in your life. Purchase this helpful eBook today!







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