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My name is Lou Guadagnino. I co-own Living Stress Free and I am a Living Stress Free Life Coach. One of the first things I share with my clients to help them build the life they want to live — no matter what their background or current circumstances — is the power of happiness.


Happiness is more than a pleasant fleeting experience. Happiness is a compass that helps us know when we are on-course in our lives and when we are off-course. Happiness is also a lighthouse that has the power to show us the way home when we feel lost or hopeless.


Happiness is a positive contributor to good health, longevity, fulfilling relationships, spirituality, wealth, and success. In nations where people rank high on the happiness scale, people live longer, share more social contacts, have stronger family relationships, and experience less crime and violence.


Happiness is our natural state. We all have the potential to live a happy life. Many of us believe that becoming happy is the result of obtaining specific possessions such as wealth, relationships, status, health, popularity, and many other examples. Unfortunately, this belief often fails us over time because happiness derived from getting what we want is not sustainable.


In LSF Life Coaching we take a different approach. We teach you how becoming happy naturally leads to achieving the things that create happiness. The good news? Even if you do not achieve all of your dreams you still have achieved happiness!


When you begin LSF Life Coaching, we will start working on developing LSF's Three Fundamental Foundations of Happiness: Reducing Stress, Balancing Lifestyle, and Fulfilling Life’s Purpose. These 'foundations of happiness' may sound simple but like all valuable life-skills, they aren't developed by accident. Becoming familiar with the foundations of happiness takes purposeful intention and the development of specific skills. You provide the purposeful intention and we will teach you the skills.


LSF Life Coaching is a unique life coaching method that is unavailable anywhere else. Our method includes a combination of information and techniques that have been time-tested. Through regular coaching support, anyone can make the changes they want to make to have a life of happiness and fulfillment.


Living Stress Free was created in 2011 and since then thousands of people from three continents have used its unique services and products to achieve their goals and build the life they want to live. You can learn more about the Living Stress Free method by reading: The Living Stress Free Bible: 20 Techniques to Make Your Life Less Stressful by Marilyn Sydlo Guadagnino.


Ready to start developing the life you want to live? Begin right now by scheduling an appointment either online or in-person with Lou Guadagnino.

Have questions? We love questions. Email or request a phone call here.


How to schedule an appointment:


1. Email me to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. 
2. Insurance is not accepted. Pay for your session on the website before your appointment. Please notify 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend a session to reschedule, barring any emergency situations. Otherwise, payment is due. No refunds.






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