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LSF Meditation is the perfect mindfulness meditation technique for your organization. It is a simple easy form of nondirective meditation, that anyone can do because it doesn't require strenuous concentration or having to focus your mind on one object. Nondirective meditation has been shown to help the brain expel stress and limitations from the body and mind. Feel better, do better.


LSF Meditation is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce stress, and you can practice it anywhere, from the privacy of your own living room to a busy airport to a corporate meeting room. You won’t need a quiet space, headphones or your favorite portable device because once you learn LSF Meditation you can meditate anywhere anytime on your own.


We tailor our educational structure to your organization's needs. We will teach your leadership, employees, faculty or students the LSF Meditation technique in one session which you may purchase by the hour of instruction. Typically, a one-hour instruction period is appropriate for ten students. If you have more than ten students please purchase additional hours. If you have questions or would like our assistance in choosing the right option for your work or school environment, you may contact us here and we will be more than happy to help you. 


We also offer free consultations to discuss programming options designed to help your leadership, faculty, employees, and students reach your organization’s goals. Scientific research has shown that work stress has a stronger correlation to illness than any other cause of stress. By helping your organization lower work and school stress we can help you increase collaboration, focus, efficiency, and productivity. To schedule a free consultation please contact us here


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