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Living Stress Free® eCoaching is a complete Lifestyle Management Personal Growth System that anyone can use to reduce stress and increase wellness and success in any area of life. Using ancient and modern technologies and knowledge, LSF will teach you how to restart your body and mind and return to your default state of optimization and relaxation. Want to relax? Want to be inspired? Want to succeed? LSF eCoaching will take you there.



 Who uses eCoaching?


Anyone Who Wants to Improve their Life in Any of These 8 Areas




What Makes Living Stress Free® eCoaching Unique?

LSF eCoaching is an email interactive conversation with your eCoach designed to make sure you start living the life you want to live. Using the LSF Wellness Program, your eCoach will personally work with you to explore where you are now and where you want to be. You can do this on your own time. No need to set aside time during the day to travel to an office or wait for a planned phone call. You can email wherever you are whenever you want. You will receive weekly lessons with inspiring information, helpful suggestions and practices you can do daily to transform your life.


The LSF Wellness Program is a simple, easy daily routine that takes only twenty minutes to complete. Destress, learn to recognize your default state of optimization and relaxation, and learn how to balance all the areas of your life, because success comes from using your inner and outer resources more effectively and efficiently. Work smarter not harder. That's what LSF eCoaching does for you. 


 Who will be your LSF eCoach?


After forty years of meditation practice and study, as well as a lifelong career in the mental health and addictions field, Lou Guadagnino developed LSF eCoaching to offer people insight, practical solutions and sustainable results. Lou is the author of The Living Stress Free® Wellness Program and It's Never Too Late To Do Nothing - Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Intelligence. Lou's personal style is engaging, relaxed, compassionate and always insightful. Lou's many years of meditation practice have helped him develop a coaching system that combines a truly unique combination of discipline, mindfulness, kindness and humor. You will feel totally accepted as you are as you learn to move forward in your life's journey.






Special introductory rate - $80.00 for 8 weeks - weekly lessons and unlimited email access.

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