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Living Stress Free® eCounseling is a complete Lifestyle Management Personal Growth System that anyone can use to reduce stress and increase wellness and success in any area of life. Using ancient and modern technologies and knowledge, LSF eCounseling will teach you how to restart your body and mind and return to your default state of optimization and relaxation. Tired of feeling unhappy and stressed? Having relationship problems? Want to move past a difficult issue? Sick of worrying? LSF eCounseling is the answer. 



What is Living Stress Free® eCounseling


LSF eCounseling is the perfect fusion of therapy, life coaching and self help. Clinical therapy expertise without the clinical feel.  No agenda, no bias and no judgement. Perfect for those who are new to counseling and equally suited for those who have not had results from previous therapists or life coaches. LSF Counseling is lifestyle management. The cutting edge personalized way to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make. LSF Counseling will not only jumpstart your motivation and inspiration to make a new life, it will make sure you get there.

Collaborative Partnerships


LSF eCounseling is collaborative, respectful and confidential. Clients initiate emails at times of the day that are convenient for them. Responses arrive in a timely manner, usually within 12-24 hours. Clients also receive inspirational emails several times per week personalized to their particular issues and needs.

Who will be your LSF eCounselor?


Marilyn Guadagnino LCAT MT-BC, your LSF eCounselor, is a licensed therapist with over 30 years experience working with people struggling with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, and overwhelming stress to improve their mental health. Although eCounseling is goal-oriented, inevitably some issues arise that are barriers to reaching these goals. It is helpful to have a stress expert who is experienced and knowledgeable about mental health and counseling issues to access for support.





Benefits of LSF eCounseling


  • The sessions build on each other. Since the counseling is through email, you can go back through the email thread and reread what has been discussed to remember what was said, remind yourself of the suggestions and gain new insights.
  • You can write on your own time. No need to set aside hours during the day to travel to an office or wait for a planned phone call. You can email wherever you are whenever you want. You can write when the mood strikes. It is forever flexible.
  • It is efficient and convenient. The email approach allows you to get right to the point and focus on the problems, barriers and break-throughs head on. It is perfect for anyone who is homebound, but also for shy people and folks with social phobia who may have difficulty meeting face to face.
  • It’s cost effective. For a reasonable price you have unlimited email access for a full month. You can have daily contact if you choose. If you were to add up the hours meeting in an office, the cost would be exorbitant.


Special introductory rate - $49.99 per month unlimited email access 24/7 


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