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LSF Meditation is a simple easy form of nondirective meditation, effortless mindfulness, that anyone can do because it does not require strenuous concentration or having to focus your mind on one object. Nondirective meditation has been shown to help the brain expel stress from your body and mind.


In as little as 15 minutes a day you can lower your stress, feel better, and do better. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and scientific research has shown that a daily meditation practice can increase brain health. So what's to lose? Feel better, do better!


LSF Meditation is the easiest, most effective meditation technique anywhere as more and more people are discovering. Buy Individual LSF Meditation Instruction with Louis Guadagnino and learn one on one in a quiet peaceful environment located in Rochester, New York. 


Lou Guadagnino is Director of Meditation Studies at Living Stress Free Inc. He is the creator of the LSF Meditation technique and developer of the LSF Meditation Teacher Certification Program. 


Lou has been practicing meditation for forty years and has studied ancient meditation and yoga texts for most of his life. He recently retired from a career in mental health and currently teaches individuals and groups, as well as classes, workshops, and meditation retreats at LSF full time. 


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