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LSF Stress Coaching is all about mental wellness - reducing stress and living optimally. Every one of us has the ability to discover inner balance and calm.  LSF Stress Coaching helps you take a look at your current life: how you spend your time, how you wish you were spending your time, your values, your stressors, how your energy is directed. It then helps you lower your stress and redirect your life in the direction you want to go.


Through email correspondence, your LSF Stress Coach will help you identify stressful areas of your life that need readjustment, such as areas that are getting too much or too little attention to be in balance with the rest of your life. In some ways, a Stress Coach is like a chiropractor in that he or she helps you realign your lifestyle so there is less wear and tear on your wellbeing. You will have opportunities to learn techniques such as meditation, yoga music, guided imagery, sleep regulation, creating dynamic weekly schedules, and a wealth of helpful information about stress. You will also have the opportunity for regular contact through email access with your Stress Coach to ask questions, share insights and problem-solve. 


LSF Stress Coaching - $39.99 per month 


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