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Prerequisite: LSF Meditation Instruction Follow-Up Students must have completed LSF Meditation Instruction from a Certified LSF Meditation Teacher. Please direct questions to Lou Guadagnino, Director of LSF Meditation Studies and LSF Teacher Certification.


Continue your practice of meditation under the guidance of an experienced meditation teacher, the creator of the LSF Meditation technique and the Director of Meditation Studies at Living Stress Free. Follow up sessions are extremely important to insure you are practicing correctly, to bring up questions or concerns, and to discuss personal experiences that come from your meditation sittings. Lou will not only guide you through the nuances of the meditation journey, he will also help you bring the practice into all areas of your life.


LSF Meditation Instruction Follow-Up assists you in developing the life you want. Lou will share methods to deepen your meditation practice, key principles from the Living Stress Free Wellness Program, and teachings that he learned from forty years of meditation and yoga training. LSF Meditation Follow-Up is the best way to make sure you are getting the most out of meditation.



LSF Meditation Instruction Follow-Up with Lou Guadagnino:

$45.00 USD per 60 minutes online or individually at the Living Stress Free Inc office:


Office Location:

Medical Arts Building

277 Alexander Street

Suite 303

Rochester, NY 14607

see map here


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