Five Day Mindfulness Wellness Training with Two Follow Up Consultations

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Learn Mindfulness Meditation from the author of It’s Never Too Late To Do Nothing: Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Intelligence. 


Let us come to your organization to show you how easy it is to develop a daily LSF Meditation 15 Minute Wellness Break for your employees, students, faculty and leadership. We will teach your organization how to practice LSF Meditation for stress reduction and we will train a group of facilitators to lead your employees and students in their daily LSF Meditation 15 Minute Wellness Breaks.


Here is what you'll receive:

  1. Day One: Employees and students learn LSF Meditation and the benefits of reducing stress related to health, productivity, creativity, relationships, team building and reaching goals
  2. Day Two: Employees and students learn why LSF Meditation is uniquely helpful and how to check themselves to know if they are meditating correctly
  3. Day Three: Employees and students meditate and create a mission statement, goals and a timetable for their wellness breaks which support your organization's goals
  4. Day Four: Facilitators learn how to co-lead your organization's 15 minute wellness breaks
  5. Day Five: Practice run: Facilitators, employees and students meditate together and successfully complete a 15 minute wellness break with supervision


The largest most successful corporations and organizations in the US are teaching their employees and students mindfulness meditation because their research has shown that when people's stress is reduced good things happen on an individual level and on an organizational level. Now you can bring the same results to your organization in only ten hours of training.


Five Day Mindfulness Wellness Training Plus Two Follow Up Consultations at Reduced Pricing ($150 savings):

  • Five Days ( Ten Hours) of Mindfulness Training, Education, Program Development
  • Two Follow Up Consultations for Education, Supervision and Leadership Training - $1250.00 USD

Follow up consultations must be used within 12 months after completing initial five day training


Corporate and Organization Mindfulness Meditation Training with Lou Guadagnino, Director of LSF Meditation Instruction and Teacher Training


 All sales final. No refunds.



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