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The Living Stress Free® Wellness Program offers an ancient meditation technique, the wisdom of yoga, modern psychological interventions, the law of attraction and a stress-preventing, dynamic system for time management.

The Seven Steps energize each other and maintain a synergetic force to promote permanent internal change instead of working exclusively on impermanent external changes. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


It comes as an easy to read, downloadable eBook. 


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Step 1 - The Five Principles

Usually when we have problems we look for solutions. When we look deeper and change our problem-causing perspectives, we are open to new possibilities and we find that many of our problems resolve themselves.

Step One opens up the mind to new perspectives for supporting change.


Step 2 - The Eight Essential Areas

The LSF Eight Essential Areas provides a tool to explore and prioritize all aspects of our personality, human needs and value system. It is a holistic technique for acknowledging and honoring all aspects of our life to support healthy change and growth.

Step Two creates synergetic growth.


Step 3 - Envisioning Natural Balance

We cannot manifest any change in life if we are unable to envision it. We must go beyond our attachment to the familiar. Imagining the end result of our hopes and dreams is not only an exercise in positive thinking, it actually assists with supporting the change one seeks. It is the Law of Attraction in action.
Step Three sets the stage for the change we seek.


Step 4 - Making your Vision a Reality

Step Four takes the change we are seeking to a practical level - an action step. We simply use what we learned about the Eight Essential Areas through Steps Two and Three to schedule time to focus on particular areas throughout the week, allowing for flexibility and revision. This is a dynamic, time management method for creating a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that will prevent stress from interfering with the change we seek. Stress is the #1 reason we find it hard to change.
Step Four provides a framework for taking action to promote change.


Step 5 - LSF Meditation: Experiencing the Stress Free State

LSF Meditation is based on an ancient, authentic meditation technique that gives us a vacation from thought. LSF Meditation takes you beyond your mind, beyond your ego, beyond your thoughts where change can begin. We must go beyond the mind to change what originated in the mind.
Step Five takes you beyond the mind to allow for change to cultivate with ease.


Step 6 - The LSF Journal

One of the main reasons people cannot create sustainable change is stress interference. Thoughts cause us to hold onto stress. It isn’t the stressful event, but our thoughts about the stressful event that derail us. Our thoughts about stressful events perpetuate stress. They make stress self-propelled like a whirlpool of water we create with our finger. The LSF Journal will help you trace your stress back to the origin: your thoughts. The insights gained will help prevent stress from accumulating in the future.
Step Six prevents stress interference from compromising your ability to make healthy changes in your life.


Step 7 - Untying Emotional Knots

Untying Emotional Knots exposes our ambivalence and assures that we resolve it so all our ships are headed in one direction.
Step Seven allows you to deal with conflictual emotions before they interfere with the change you seek.



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