Prepare for The Holidays with a Serenity Immersion


Immerse Yourself in Serenity 

For the first time ever, we will be teaching LSF Mantra Meditation in this four-hour immersion experience. Mantras are sound vibrations - very powerful sound vibrations - said to exist naturally at the deepest levels of our mind. Mantras are sounds that spontaneously arise out of the inner silence existing within all of us. If we learn how to repeat a mantra correctly, its vibration will effortlessly bring us back into the deep silence from which it came. Mantras naturally arise from universal silence. When used properly, they can bring our attention back to universal silence.


LSF Spanda Sound Meditation (formerly known as LSF Nada Meditation) is a technique created by Marilyn Guadagnino, designed to promote deep relaxation and the experience of a thought-free state. We relax in a comfortable position listening to specific sounds performed, which like mantras, bring our attention to universal silence. SSM is unlike any other sound technique because it is based on thousand-year-old sound theory and is universally beneficial. Marilyn offers simple instructions on how to feel each sound vibration first with our ears, then with our bodies, next with our minds, and finally by resting in silence and equanimity.


Participants will spend the first hour of our Serenity Immersion receiving their mantras. The remaining three hours will be an immersion of mantra and sound meditations alternating back and forth. The alternation will help synchronize body and mind with inner silence so each participant can experience serenity at the deepest core level of body and mind.


Take advantage of this onetime only LSF Mantra Meditation introductory price which in the future will be sold exclusively as a stand-alone item. We are offering this half-day immersion experience as a pre-holiday getaway. Let’s prepare for the holiday season this year with a gift to ourselves to fill our holidays with gratitude and the spirit of giving.


LSF Serenity Immersion: Saturday, November 9th, 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

REGISTER NOW - Space is Limited

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