StressFree Corporate Training


Lou Guadagnino has devoted his life to overcoming his own traumatic childhood and succeeding throughout his career working with adults challenged by mental health and substance abuse issues. After a long career working for a prestigious university out-patient clinic, teaching stress management and mindfulness practices through pre-vocational work opportunities, he fine-tuned his stress-free model of success. For the past decade he has taken his wisdom to the private sector, assisting clients through life coaching, meditation classes, and wellness courses. He is uniquely qualified to bring a fresh, new perspective to your company’s needs.

StressFree Corporate Training is perfect for your company’s health and wellness initiatives, staff development or leadership seminars. Lou Guadagnino will come to your business and teach meditation and other mind enhancing techniques to help your team increase efficiency, reduce stress, and improve staff morale. In addition, Lou can provide helpful insights and practices related to the following topics:

  • Enhancing effective communication
  • Learning how to balance work expectations with the rest of life
  • Improving memory and concentration
  • Team-building

StressFree Corporate Training with Lou Guadagnino, Director of LSF Meditation Instruction and Teacher Training:

$150.00 USD per hour

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 All sales final. No refunds.