Keystone Meditation Group


Keystone Meditation

Keystone Meditation Group provides a weekly opportunity to prioritize self-care, lower stress, improve physical and mental health, and benefit from meditating in a group setting. Each class includes instruction and practice of LSF Meditation (non-directive mindfulness meditation) as well as sound/music experiences, dharanas (concentration exercises), and group discussion. The focus of Keystone Meditation is to provide an immersion experience. No prior knowledge of meditation is needed. You may take individual classes or register for the entire 15-week module.

When? Every Thursday 7:00-8:30pm from July 22-Oct 28
Where? Living Stress Free Main Office in Rochester NY

Meditation mats, pillows, and blankets provided; chairs are also available.

COVID-19 Update: Fully vaccinated people can participate in Keystone Meditation without wearing a mask or physically distancing. Non-fully-vaccinated individuals must wear a mask and social distance.

Cost: $20 per class or $200 for the full 15-week module – pay in advance or at the door.


Weekly group meditation classes, Thursday evenings for 15 consecutive weeks, 7:00-8:30pm, July 22-Oct 28 at the LSF Main Office in Rochester NY.

Keystone refers to the central supporting element of a whole: "that which holds together other parts,” “something on which associated things depend for support." As the foundation, the basis, and core element for mind-body-soul homeostasis, Keystone Meditation promotes self-awareness on a deeper level than most other mediation practices available today. The meditation method used is simple, easy to practice, and secular in its essence.

What will Keystone Meditation do for you?

  1. Help you experience core awareness, the thoughtless state, and learn how to access it throughout the day.
  2.  Help you increase and sustain awareness of your mind/body/soul to produce a sense of stability, confidence, and ease.
  3. Help you learn how to cultivate a more meaningful lifestyle.