Experiencing your Inner Light




Finger Lakes, NY

RADIANCE: Experiencing Your Inner Light

Living Stress-Free Third Annual Women’s Weekend Self-Care Retreat

 with Marilyn Guadagnino and Erin Polito

Finger Lakes, New York



Experience your inner light through meditation, chanting, yoga, sound baths and drumming, with profound teachings from Yogic and Buddhist traditions, while enjoying the extraordinary scenery of the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

This all-inclusive women’s retreat is an opportunity for you to experience relaxation, rejuvenation and spiritual transformation offering a unique opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with yourself. Nurturing the mind, body, and spirit to find wholeness and balance is the spontaneous outcome of experiencing your inner light.

RADIANCE: Experiencing your Inner Light

The definition of Radiance is light or heat as emitted or reflected by something. What is that “something?” That “something” is you when you are in balance inside: body, mind, and spirit. It is also you when you are in balance outside: mindfully living every area of your life.

Summer embodies radiance and there is no better place to experience a transformational weekend than the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Balance your mind, body, and spirit in awe-inspiring natural surroundings.

The RADIANCE RETREAT 2025 will set the stage for embracing the busy fall season with calmness, clarity, and complete ease.

What To Expect

An all-inclusive  immersion experience that will connect you to your inner radiance and teach you how to embrace and balance all parts of your life. 

Light on the Hill Retreat Center is a healing and inspiring space for reflection, deep inner work, and spiritual growth located on 236 acres of woods, streams, gorges, walking paths and panoramic views.

Daily gatherings will take place in the Inner Light Lodge, a light-filled meeting room, hexagonal in shape and with a 32-foot pyramid-shaped ceiling. 3 sides of the room are glass and overlook the stunning landscape. Chairs, backjacks, pillows and blankets are available for comfortable seating. 

LIGHT on the HILL is located at 209 Blake Hill Road
Van Etten, New York 14889

Costs and Inclusions

Cost: $500 per person


2 nights lodging – most rooms are single, with a few double rooms. Rooms are simple but elegant, modern and comfortable, with large windows overlooking the beautiful grounds

All bedding, linens, towels

Meditation and yoga mats, pillows, blankets

Five full meals are provided from Friday night to Sunday morning. All meals are gourmet vegetarian, with organic ingredients whenever possible. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. Coffee, tea and light snacks are also available throughout the day.

A full schedule of teachings and practices to help you experience your inner radiance and teach you how to bring this divine state into each part of your life.


Go to LivingStressFree.org to register on our secure shopping cart using PayPal, credit card, or debit card



Upon registration, you will be contacted to discuss any dietary requirements you may have.


The Deadline for registration is MARCH 31st 

Your All-Inclusive Radiance Retreat begins as soon as you register so don’t miss the deadline. Once registered, you will start receiving “sneak-previews” of the content and practices to be taught during the retreat on a monthly basis to help you have a deeper experience on that weekend. The sooner you register, the more information you will receive!

Sample Schedule


4:00PM – Check-in/Welcome activities
5:00PM – Introduction to Radiance Talk
6:00PM – Dinner
7:30PM – Labyrinth Walk
8:00PM – Sound Bath/Meditation



6:00AM – Silent Meditation
7:00AM – Hatha Yoga
8:00AM – Breakfast
9:30AM – Morning Teachings/Discussion
11:00AM – Chanting
11:45AM – Meditation
12:30PM – Lunch
2:00PM – Meditative Art
3:30PM – Yoga
4:15PM – Guided Meditation
6:00PM – Dinner
7:30PM – Drum Circle
8:00PM – Sound Bath/Meditation



6:00AM – Silent Meditation
7:00AM – Yoga
8:00AM – Breakfast
9:30AM – Labyrinth Walk/Nature Walk
10:30AM – Morning Teachings/Discussion
12:00PM – END

You will be able to take time for relaxation, nature walks, or reflective journaling anytime during the retreat, if you choose.


*Please note that the schedule is subject to change.


Marilyn Guadagnino LCAT MT-BC - Retreat Leader

“Holistic Counselor/Coach, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Board-Certified Music Therapist, Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Coach, Author of “The Living Stress Free Bible – 20 Techniques to Make Your Life Less Stressful”.

Marilyn has studied and practiced meditation and yogic philosophy since 1993, with extensive experience in Siddha Yoga, TM, and Zen Buddhism. Spirituality is the underlying essence and foundation of all aspects of her life.

Using her skills as a music-sound therapist combined with meditation experiences, she created a unique mindfulness meditation method using synchronized sound vibration to help students have an immediate experience of inner silence. She also embraces the mystical practices of indigenous cultures using the power of music to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Marilyn’s life-long career as a mental health therapist has helped her develop the ability to “tune in” to people’s emotional needs with gentle acknowledgement of the natural struggles one experiences trying to let go of the barriers to quieting the mind, relaxing the body, and healing the spirit. Her simple and clear style makes it possible for anyone to grasp Eastern philosophical wisdom and the techniques she teaches naturally transforms that wisdom into deep personal experiences.

As co-owner of Living Stress Free Inc, Marilyn’s goal is to teach practical methods that incorporate mindfulness, along with ancient wisdom from the Yogic and Buddhist traditions. All of these traditions share one thing in common. They all develop a natural integration of mind, body and spirit which effortlessly increases awareness and balance in one’s day to day living.

Since 2011 Marilyn and her husband Lou have created wellness programs that cultivate work/life balance and overall happiness, health, and success through personal transformative experiences of inner radiance. “When we shine inside we shine outside.”

Marilyn and Lou offer individual counseling, coaching, meditation instruction and mentoring in the Rochester, NY area and remotely through video conferencing. Visit their website LivingStressFree.org

Erin Polito - Yoga Instructor

Erin Polito is a 200hour certified yoga instructor, a wellness and mindset coach, and a Physician Assistant.

Erin first found the healing possibilities of yoga when she was going through a difficult time in life, fraught with anxiety and depression. When practicing the yoga poses, she learned she could tap into a sense of groundedness and connection within herself and the world around her, which helped her feel less fearful and more supported at a time when her world was on shaky ground. Since that time, Erin has been regularly practicing yoga to cultivate that sense of peace within herself.

In 2021, Erin had the opportunity to participate in a yoga teacher training program at Grounded By Yoga In Bloomfield, NY, and quickly knew this was the right path for her. Since graduating from yoga teacher training, she has taught at NuMvmnt studio in Rochester, NY, as well as pop-up charity classes in the Rochester community. She feels lucky and grateful to be able to share the gifts that yoga has given her with others.

“I have always loved my busy job as a Physician’s Assistant in the hospital, but over the past few years it became more apparent to me that humans desperately need a more holistic approach to their mindset and wellness routine in order to live their best life. This inspired me to start the journey of becoming an online coach for women looking to optimize their outlook on life and their overall wellness. I still work at the hospital, and enjoy my job deeply. I feel honored everyday to offer whatever help I can provide to people who are sick and suffering.”

Erin’s down-to-earth, light-hearted style of teaching Hatha Yoga is such a gift for all of our retreat participants each year and a perfect complement to Marilyn’s retreat themes and teachings.

Erin’s intention as a yoga instructor is to offer people a glimpse of the peace and love that is present within us all through the ancient practice of yoga.