Spiritual Intelligence Course



Spiritual Intelligence Course


The Spiritual Intelligence Course is specifically designed for people who are interested in spirituality and developing a spiritual path or enhancing their current path. The Spiritual Intelligence Course shares wisdom and insights that originated in the Indian traditions of Yoga, Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, and Buddhism but it is not an academic course.  


The Spiritual Intelligence Course is a spiritual path in itself that shares with you the world's oldest spiritual insight - that we all share one Universal Self. Yoga, meditation, mantra, prayer, devotion and all other forms of spiritual practice are methods to prepare us for awakening. We must wake up from our ego dreams of being isolated souls stuck inside physical bodies. We also have to wake up from our personal narratives: the run-on story we tell ourselves and others about who we are and what we are doing. 


You will receive one lesson each week to inspire you to look inside and see deeper levels of yourself and the world around you. Lessons will share ancient truths and insights from yogic and meditation classics but they will also offer you suggested practices, contemplations, and techniques that will help you experience spiritual intelligence - our term for living in the zone, moving towards enlightened living. 


You will also have email access to the course's author, Louis Guadagnino, who is also the creator of LSF Meditation and the author of two LSF books - The LSF Wellness Program and It's Never Too Late To Do Nothing: Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, and Spiritual Intelligence. Your email conversation with Louis Guadagnino is a wonderful opportunity to share your spiritual journey and to get support in applying the course to your life. 




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