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Hi, I’m Marilyn Guadagnino, author of The Living Stress Free Bible: 20 Techniques To Make Your Life Less Stressful. I wrote this book to help people like you reduce their stress, balance their lifestyle, and build the life they always dreamt of living. I love working with people because nothing is more inspiring to me than watching others discover the benefits of living a less stressful life.


All of the information, techniques, and practical tips you learn in The Living Stress Free Bible have been time-tested. You will learn the best of what I learned from helping people from all walks of life for the past thirty years as a professional therapist and co-founder and owner of Living Stress Free, Inc.


If you want to lower stress, live a more balanced lifestyle, or reach those goals you’ve been trying to reach — you’ll appreciate how effective and practical my 20 techniques are. Every technique is simple, doable, and effective. Each chapter inspires and motivates you to start living life rather than coping with a long list of stressful situations, relationships, and obligations.


You’ll learn to look at stressful situations in new ways and you’ll receive more than 20 techniques to lower stress and balance your lifestyle. Here are a few highlights:

  • Each chapter offers a stress-reducing tool, and you can skip around to different chapters depending on your current needs
  • LSF Meditation instruction — a highly effective technique to eradicate stress
  • Emotional Deliberation - a powerful technique to overcome indecisiveness, hesitation, and a lack of confidence
  • Music Therapy to release your stress in enjoyable ways
  • Plus, The Appendix includes 26 additional suggestions you can use weekly, to help you live stress-free in six months or less

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