The Spiritual Breakthrough: Overcoming Your Limitations

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Imagine experiencing the core of yourself.

Your core is the place inside you where everything in your moment by moment experience starts.

Your core is where a thought first pops into your awareness.

Your core is where a vibration you hear first becomes a sound.

Your core is central station for all your experiences, thoughts and emotions.



This workshop will include the following practices designed to help you experience the core of your being and discover how to live life from that source. 

  • LSF Meditation 
  • Music-sound experiences 
  • Spiritual contemplation exercises
  • LSF Emotional Deliberation 


Your core is infinite potentiality.

Whatever you tell yourself, whatever your personal narrative about who you are and the life you live, the core will create. It is you who decides what is created.



Introducing The LSF Emotional Deliberation Technique


Be the first to discover this brand new LSF method! Emotional Deliberation is designed to decrease stress, dissolve negative emotions and increase the benefits of LSF Meditation. LSF Emotional Deliberation is going to be introduced in Marilyn Guadagnino's new self-help book being published soon but you can experience it now.


Join us for this transformational workshop with Lou and Marilyn Guadagnino, at the Living Stress Free® main office in Rochester, New York

  • Saturday, November 11, 2017
  • 9:00 AM-1:00 PM


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