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Welcome to the Home of Personal Development where only you set your limits. Living Stress Free is a complete integrated system of information, technologies, tools, and personal mentoring that we have been using for over thirty years to help people build the lives they want. Everything we teach is only available here.


After forty years of learning from some of the greatest meditation masters from India, Tibet, and Japan, we combined what we learned about motivation and how the mind works, with our personal experience of helping people change their lives and the LSF System, was born.


People learn the LSF System and use it to create the life they want in one on one appointments, email coaching or counseling, workshops, retreats, online courses, or in organizational and corporate settings where we teach teams to discover the best in themselves and in each other, to reach new levels of success individually and organizationally.


We understand the challenges everyone faces today where opportunities seem fewer and risks greater, but we ask that you stop for a moment, take a breather, and see things from a different angle, a different light. Trust that opportunity does exist in your situation and let us help you discover it and ride it to success.


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How To Cope in an Age of Rage

Saturday, March 31, 2018


People get angrier every day about the state of the world, their lives, and what they think should be done to make things better. How do we stay aware of the important stuff without getting stuck in the anger?




Team Meditation - Spring Session Starts

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Everyone is invited to Team Meditation. 














































Stress is at the top of our list as a preventable cause or contributing factor affecting physical illness, mental fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle habits, job dissatisfaction, relationship challenges, career disappointment, educational underachievement, social conflicts, social media overload and a lack of joy in life.


Stress is a physiological reality. It affects everyone, despite age, educational achievement, social and economic status, race, culture, political affiliation or religion. Our human brain produces stress hormones that temporarily improve our functioning in a crisis (fight or flight), but if our FOF Switch is left on too long we start responding to common situations in unproductive ways.


We are experts at helping you find what decreases stress in your life and teaching you how to prevent it. Explore our blogs, videos and educational information about stress. Then, take it to the next level and participate in a one on one appointment, email coaching or counseling, a workshop, retreat, online course, or eMeditation. 

















Success comes in all shapes and sizes in today’s world and economy and sometimes it can appear to be out of reach. Thankfully, we can help. Whether you are a student who is trying to create clear goals for your future, someone who is looking to jumpstart your career or an entrepreneur who needs to push beyond your limits we have the tools and knowledge to help you.


The key to success in any area of life begins inside. If you know how to stay calm, alert, and inspired every day no matter what challenges you are facing you are going to come out on top. Confidence is more than positive thinking. Confidence comes from knowing that you can trust yourself even when situations are uncertain and big risks are involved. Confidence comes from a deep inner experience of integrity, which is at the heart of everything we teach.


























Relationships are at the center of our lives. Knowing how to build healthy, mutually satisfying, supporting, and empowering relationships at home, work, and in the community is like watering the roots of a large tree — the entire tree flourishes and your whole life will improve if you learn how to nourish your relationships.


The problem is most of us have never taken the time to explore what makes up a good relationship and what makes up a bad one. We gather relationship experiences from our family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and clergy growing up and we tend to recreate our relationship experiences wherever we go and with whomever we meet. It is through this process that each of us develops our relationship style.


With a little bit of learning, exploring, and contemplating you can turn your relationships into conduits of positivity for yourself and others. We want to share with you information, methods, and techniques to help you rewire your relationship experiences into a new relationship style. We can help you turn your relationships into sources of support, professionalism, friendship, and fun.


You can start learning right now for free:


Five Bad Habits Affecting Your Relationships


Five Go-To Habits To Keep Relationships Thriving

































Turning Fitness into Wellness

Wellness is learning how to be fit in every area of life. Wellness requires seeing the big picture of life and organizing all the small pictures of your personal life — your dreams, goals, plans, and schedules — into a way of living that works in reality. Diet, meditation, and exercise are all essential keys to health and fitness but if they do not support and enhance the rest of your life, they eventually become obstacles that interrupt other necessary and good parts of your life such as relationships, recreation, education, and spirituality to name a few.


Have you had trouble making exercise and diet enjoyable in your life? Do you find yourself feeling ambivalent about diet and exercise? Do you reach your goals only to slide back to your old weight and old habits? We can help! We are experts at motivation, stress reduction, and helping you create a schedule that balances all of your needs and takes into account the big picture of your life.





















































Corporate, Organization, Education Training


 Let LSF come into your corporation, organization or school to train leadership, staff, and students how to destress on the job or in the classroom. Increase and improve creativity, productivity, employee relations, team collaboration, job and student satisfaction. 


In today\'s market your corporation, organization or school has to be more than competitive. Your faculty, leadership, employee, and student base have to be inspired, creative, and focused on goals with total team collaboration. LSF is uniquely positioned to help you accomplish all of these things. But what\'s just as important is we can tailor it to your needs and we can make it work in your culture.


Learn More About LSF Corporate, Organization, Education Training 






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