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Everyone experiences stress but few of us understand how stress affects our health and interferes with our everyday life.


Most of us think of stress as something we feel —being overwhelmed by to-do lists, rushed to keep up with schedules, worried about the future, agitated when stuck in traffic. The true impact of stress is much deeper than just feeling these stressful feelings from time to time.


Stress affects our health, relationships, weight, career, social life, sex life, substance use, spirituality, ability to accomplish goals we set for ourselves, and many other areas of life. Whether we know it or not, stress is holding us back and interfering with a life of health, happiness, and fulfillment.   































































The good news is stress has been around a long time and over the centuries people have found effective ways to lower stress and return to a state of inner balance. As humans, our inner psychological world is constantly adjusting to our outer environment seeking to maintain equilibrium, working in a similar way as homeostasis. All of us have a default state of inner balance wherein we feel our best and do our best. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, most of us have lost track of our inner default state of balance and have replaced it with a chronic state of feeling overwhelmed, rushed, frustrated, and exhausted.
































































We at LSF have a passion for helping people like yourself understand the full range of effects stress has on your life. We teach natural techniques to help you reclaim your inner state of balance, equilibrium, and vitality.


LSF has created a new mental wellness approach that we call living stress free. Traditional mental health focuses on managing and reducing negative symptoms. Although we acknowledge the importance of this approach for people suffering from mental illness, we see it as lacking for those who are not. Many people are able to develop and live the life they want, simply by lowering their stress with our natural techniques and taking control of their lives. 


For years, people have contacted us and shared how their lives have improved in ways they never thought possible — all because they learned how to lower their stress using our natural techniques. Want to learn more about LSF techniques to lower stress?



























































Ready to learn how stress is affecting your life? Below are four key points to get you started:


1. Stress Affects Decision Making: Impulse buying, impulse eating, running through life on autopilot instead of living mindfully, being less effective at work and at home, being less reciprocal or empathetic in relationships, inconsistently following through with exercise, weight loss efforts, and wellness routines — all of these and many other ineffective decisions that we make every day are influenced by stress. If we want to make better decisions, be more effective, improve our relationships, and enjoy life more, we need to lower our stress.

































































2. Stress is Unhealthy: Stress poorly impacts our immune system, metabolic system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, cells, and has been linked to accelerated aging and possibly mortality. Stress plays a key role in depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Don’t be fooled by what you read about “good stress”. Good stress passes very quickly. No one needs help with good stress. The problem we are facing today is more and more of us are experiencing chronic stress or traumatic stress, both of which are dangerous to our health and wellbeing.












































3. Stress Can Be Lowered and Prevented: We show you how to train your brain to decrease stress, improve concentration, reach goals, make lifestyle changes and increase wellbeing. All of our techniques are natural, easy, and free of side effects. Mindfulness Meditation has been proven to lower stress and with consistent practice it even prevents stress. Our LSF Mindfulness Meditation technique is simple to do and does not require one-pointed concentration. We also offer other methods that help lower stress such as music and sound therapy, talking therapy, spiritual coaching, positive thinking, and training your brain to feel empathy and love for yourself and others. We will work with you to find the most effective methods that fit your personality, lifestyle, schedule, and we will help you create your own personalized Living Stress Free Plan. You can start right now by taking our free LSF Lifestyle Stress-Questionaire which will help you learn which areas of your life are out of balance, causing you the most stress. Complete a free LSF Lifestyle-Stress Questionnaire and learn more.






























































4. Living Stress Free Plan and Support: Request a free LSF consultation by completing the below LSF Consultation Questionnaire. After reviewing your answers, we will send you our recommendations in the form of a Living Stress Free Plan without any obligation on your part. You are free to ask questions about our recommendations and suggest revisions to help us better understand your challenges, goals, likes, and dislikes. At that time, if you are interested in learning more or would like to begin working on your Living Stress Free Plan, we will schedule a telephone consultation where you can choose how you would like to begin. We offer personalized wellness planning and support. You choose your level of participation and the methods you use to train your brain for a better future.


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