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Walking Mindfulness Meditation


WalkingHow to Practice Walking Meditation 

Walking meditation brings the meditative state we achieve through Mindfulness Meditation into motion. It is open awareness in movement.

The practice synchronizes our mind and body. It brings increased awareness of our body in motion on a completely physical level since we are not engaging our thoughts. We are just walking and feeling the sensations of walking.

Walking Mindfulness Meditation is ever changing, ever new. Every step we take is unique and slightly different from the last step. We experience the transitory nature of life as we move through it.

Since most of us are used to thinking or being distracted while we walk throughout our day, this practice begins with a labeling technique to help the mind become centered with the movement.


Walking Meditation Instructions:


Just like in sitting meditation, stand up straight but not stiff or rigid.
Your torso should feel uplifted and your spine lengthened so that it elongates.
The top of your head is naturally inline with your spine and it will feel like it is effortlessly being pulled towards the ceiling or sky.
Your feet should feel securely grounded on the earth.


Hand Position
The hand position for walking meditation helps keep you focused and centered.
Tuck your right thumb into your right fist and place your fist against your chest, next to your heart. Wrap your left hand completely around your right hand. Elbows come out slightly, but not so much that you feel strain in your upper arms or shoulders.


Eye Position
Eyes stay open. Gaze downward about three or four feet in front of you. Try not to look around the room. Keep a fixed but relaxed gaze.


The Technique
WMWalk normally but slowly. There is no need to change the way you walk or exaggerate any movements. Just walk. The slow pace helps you pay attention to the movement.

Silently repeat the words "Lift" "Step" "Place" as your feet lift up, step forward and place down on the ground. Synchronize the words with the movement. Repeating these words as the action is occurring helps your mind and body join as one and helps slow down your pace.

Feel every nuance of the movement in your toes, the soles of your feet, your heels, your calves, your thighs, your hips. Feel the connection your feet have with the ground each step you take.

Besides feeling your body in movement, propelling forward, feel the air go in and out of your body as you breathe. Listen to the sounds in your environment. Smell any smells, taste any tastes, feel the breeze blow, be aware of any sensations on your skin.

Once you are comfortable being completely aware of the moment as it occurs, you can stop repeating "Lift … Step … Place" and just feel the ever-changing sensations of movement. If your thoughts begin distracting you to the point of losing your awareness of walking, breathing and feeling the sensations of the moment, just return to the labeling technique of silently repeating "Lift … Step … Place".



GirlWalkPractical Tips

We recommend 10 minutes of walking meditation, ideally after your sitting practice. This will bring the meditation energy into your movement spontaneously.


Walking slowly: It is very difficult for people to discipline themselves to walk slow. However, the slow pace deepens the practice and brings profound realizations. Pretend you are in slow motion and make yourself slow down.


We recommend not wearing shoes for walking meditation. It is easier to feel your connection with the earth.


It is best to practice walking meditation in a quiet, contained area. Decide on a path to follow that is easy to navigate and simple to return to the starting point. This is not a hike!


Remember this is a formal practice. You can practice mindfulness while walking anytime throughout your day, but taking the time to practice the way it is described here will enhance the experience immensely.



If you have any questions feel free to Contact us.



Happy Meditating!

Lou and Marilyn


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