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Living Stress Free Summer 2017













Whether you are new to meditation or you are looking for more from your practice: Learn To Meditate is for you. In this four hour class you will learn the Living Stress Free Meditation Technique by its creators, Lou

and Marilyn Guadagnino. LSF Meditation is effortless, natural, and it does not require intense concentration. LSF Meditation is a form of nondirective meditation (mindfulness). 


Nondirective meditation is when we allow the mind and senses to do what they naturally do without any resistance. We think, feel, and take in all the experiences of our senses and we become grounded in our moment by moment ever changing experience.


As we become aware that our moment by moment experience is constantly changing stress decreases and so do the patterns that cause it.


Research shows that nondirective meditation is more helpful in processing thoughts and feelings. This is an important advantage because unprocessed thoughts and feelings are what get in the way of making the changes we want to make in our lives and they are what cause stress.


This class requires no experience, no special clothes, and participants can choose between a chair and traditional meditation cushions when learning. 








Your Teachers





We created LSF in 2011 with the goal of developing a meditation technique and an educational model that delivered all the benefits of meditation to people who want to lower stress, increase wellness and live a happier life. 


But as "old school" meditators who learned and studied in traditions from India, Tibet and Japan we are also familiar with the spiritual side of meditation which is very near and dear to us. Meditation enhances and supports everyone's spiritual life whether you follow a religion, walk a spiritual path or consider yourself agnostic or atheist. 


When you learn to live in the present moment you gain appreciation, gratititude, respect and love for everything in your life. Whether you are enjoying the scent of a flower, listening to a friend, rising to a challenge or expressing your religious devotion, to be fully present is a rare and worthy gift. Perhaps the greatest spiritual mystery about meditation is that being present in the moment also makes us happier, more empathetic and healthier people as scientific research is discovering. 


Join us and Learn To Meditate.You will learn our effortless meditation technique, how to develop a regular practice, how to know you are succeeding, and how to navigate common challenges. 


See You There,

Lou and Marilyn Guadagnino


Note: Learn To Meditate fulfills all requirements necessary to attend Team Meditation.



 Learn To Meditate Workshops


Saturday July 15th - 12:30-4:30




Friday August 18th - 8:30-12:30


Cost $100.00















Everyone who has learned LSF Meditation from a LSF Certified Teacher is welcome to attend our monthly Team Meditation sessions. There are no meditation instructions. We meditate together, share LSF teachings and have time for questions and answers. 


Team Meditation is facilitated by Lou and Marilyn Guadagnino. LSF Meditation is a simple technique that reduces stress but it is also a subtle powerful process of change and personal growth. Understanding how and why LSF meditation promotes change makes things move along quicker and easier. Our monthly meditations keep us in touch with ourselves, each other, and acknowledge our journey together. This is where the LSF Community begins. It's where we live. Come join us. Meditation is like true friendship. It is a journey that has no end.


Team Meditation

Summer 2017



Tuesday June 6

Tuesday July 11

Tuesday August 8


Cost - $60 for all three



Pre-Requisite - completion of one or more of the following: Individual Meditation Instruction with Lou Guadagnino, Marilyn Guadagnino or completion of Introduction To Mindfulness Meditation Course by Roxanne Richardson and Eric Baart


Mindercise Class experience may apply - contact Lou Guadagnino


Paid Sessions are nonrefundable and cannot be used for future or past sessions
















 Who Comes To Us? 

Everybody From Everywhere!


We work with doctors, professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, mothers, yoga teachers, fathers, retirees, corporations, schools and organizations




People come to us for two reasons. They feel stressed and they know we can help. We are the Stress Experts. We have worked in mental health for over thirty years and we have been practicing meditation and yoga for forty years. 


 How do we help?



Living Stress Free Meditation


Google Mindfulness Meditation or do a search on Facebook and you will find all kinds of techniques. There are two authentic types of meditation practices - directive and nondirective. In directive meditation you are asked to concentrate on something - it could be a word, breath, your body, a candle flame, almost anything. The goal is to focus so hard that you stop the flow of your thinking mind. Good luck.


Nondirective meditation is when you allow the mind and senses to do what they naturally do without any resistance. You think, feel, and take in all the experiences of your senses and you become grounded in your moment by moment ever changing experience. As you become aware that your moment by moment experience is constantly changing stress decreases and so do the patterns that cause it. Research shows that nondirective meditation is more helpful in processing thoughts and feelings. This is an important advantage because unprocessed thoughts and feelings are what get in the way of making the changes you want to make in your life. 


Living Stress Free Meditation is a form of nondirective meditation (mindfulness) that is the result of over forty years of meditating experience. It is simple. Anyone can do it. It is secular. We have taught LSF Meditation since 2011 to individuals, schools, corporations, organizations, churches, using Skype and through books and CDs. We are the Stress Experts and we can help you. 













 Living Stress Free Insight Therapy


Letting go of old thinking, emotional, behavioral patterns - the ones that are holding you back - requires insight. Understanding how your personal patterns started, how they express themselves in your life and how to change them is a natural part of growing wiser, healthier and happier.


LSF Insight Therapy helps you grow into a wiser, healthier and happier you. It works in a very simple way. Increase awareness through LSF Meditation and increase understanding through Insight Therapy  and your life will organically grow. It's not about how hard you try. It's about how wise you try. When you combine LSF Insight Therapy with LSF Meditation, the positive changes you've been struggling to make naturally start happening. When you feel calm and balanced inside, your life naturally becomes healthier, more productive and more enjoyable.










 Ready to Make Your Life Better Than Ever?


You can start to make the changes you've been wanting to make right now. You can begin by learning LSF Meditation or by making an Insight Therapy appointment. Awareness and insight are the two most powerful ingredients of positive change and you can begin in the way that is most comfortable and right for you. 


  We are Everywhere


 We work with people on Skype, through email, offer online consultations and courses. We also offer individual consultations, classes, courses and group meditation at our current Living Stress Free Office which is located in the beautiful Medical Arts Building at 277 Alexander Street Suite 303 Rochester, New York.


We have been working with individuals, corporations and organizations since 2011. From 2013 - 2017 we offered individual consultations, weekly classes, courses, retreats and seminars at our Living Stress Free Wellness Center in Rochester, New York.  Buy an appointment for LSF Insight Therapy or to learn LSF Meditation either in our office or online now and save. 








 Want to learn More? 


Livng Stress Free Wellness Program, It's Never Too Late To Do Nothing and Quiet Cloud CD are LSF Products that were created to help people like yourself begin to discover how to start living stress free.





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