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Living Stress Free is a complete Lifestyle Management Personal Growth System that anyone can use to reduce stress and increase wellness in any area of life. Using ancient and modern technologies and knowledge, LSF will teach you how to restart your body and mind and return to your default state of optimization and relaxation. Want to relax? Want to be inspired? Want to succeed?

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Happy Holidays from Living Stress Free!


We wish you a happy stress free holiday and to help our wish come true we are offering 15% off all our products and services including new, never offered before gift certificates! 


Learn more about how to give more, spend less, and have a Stress Free Holiday. 

Because when it comes to stress, less is more.














 LSF Meditation

Your Inner Yoga Workout


LSF Meditation is a simple easy form of nondirective meditation, effortless mindfulness, that anyone can do because it doesn't require strenuous concentration or having to focus your mind on one object. Nondirective meditation has been shown to help the brain expel stress and limitations from the body and mind. Feel better, do better.


The best part of LSF Meditation, besides being the easiest most effective meditation technique available, is you can learn it anywhere, anytime, and whatever way fits your busy schedule and budget. Learn individually, in a class room or at home. LSF Meditation is for everyone everywhere - in person or through eMeditation.



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 Living Stress Free® Counseling and eCounseling


Why am I so stressed?

Why can't I find a happy relationship?

Will I ever stop worrying and feeling anxious? 

Why can't I seem to focus and reach my goals?


LSF Counseling is the perfect fusion of psychotherapy, life coaching and self help. No agenda, no bias and no judgement. You will feel completely understood and accepted no matter what the issue or whatever your lifestyle, with complete confidentiality assured.  LSF Counseling is lifestyle management. The cutting edge personalized way to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make. LSF Counseling will not only jumpstart your motivation and inspiration to make a new life, it will make sure you get there. Destress, get unstuck, move forward and feel better. Available in person or through eCounseling.



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Living Stress Free® eCoaching 

Putting It All Together


LSF eCoaching will help you reach your personal goals and will maximize your ability to function effectively and efficiently in all areas of life. Your LSF eCoach will personally work with you through unlimited email correspondence and weekly inspiring lessons, to explore where you are now and how to get where you want to be. LSF eCoaching is not therapy - it is a unique LSF Coaching System promoting inspiration and out of the box creativity. It is designed to help people make big changes in their life.


LSF eCoaching builds on the insight and experience gained from learning and practicing the LSF Wellness Program as well as LSF Meditation. Destress, learn to recognize your default state of optimization and relaxation, and learn how to balance all the areas of your life. Success comes from using your inner and outer resources more effectively and efficiently - putting it all together to work smarter not harder. That's what LSF eCoaching does for you. 



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LSF Corporate, Organization, Education Training


 Let LSF come into your corporation, organization or school to train leadership, staff and students how to destress on the job or in the classroom. Increase and improve creativity, productivity, employee relations, team collaboration, job and student satisfaction. 


In today's market your corporation, organization or school has to be more than competitive. Your faculty, leadership, employee and student base have to be inspired, creative, and focused on goals with total team collaboration. LSF is uniquely positioned to help you accomplish all of these things. But what's just as important is we can tailor it to your needs and we can make it work in your culture.



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LSF Community


LSF and community have been hardwired together since LSF started in 2011. After all, learning how to return to your default state of optimization and relaxation doesn't only affect you. When you feel better, healthier, more confident and relaxed you influence everyone around you.


People have learned LSF Meditation and the LSF Wellness Program in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. People from all religions, spiritual paths, and atheists practice LSF Meditation and use LSF teachings to help them build the life they choose. 


LSF Counseling and Coaching has helped people from all walks of life, walk away from their past to start living the life they want today.


Sharing what's worked for you is only natural.


People support each other's growth and challenges in their homes, LSF Classes, LSF Courses, LSF Retreats, at their jobs, and of course online! 



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