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Living Stress Free® Mindfulness Center of Rochester

 131 Gregory Street in the South Wedge of Rochester, New York



Living Stress Free®


Where mindfulness meditation is a way of life


  As we sit we live


Living Stress Free is a mindfulness center. We teach you how to meditate without concentration and we teach you how you can live mindfully in every area of your life. Our community is dedicated to spreading the benefits of mindfulness meditation to everyone. The Living Stress Free community is fun, warmhearted and welcoming. Come see for yourself!


What's Coming Up


Join us for two very special events in June 2016


June 5, 10AM - 6PM Our Living Stress Free Annual Day in the Park


June 18, 10AM - 4PM Inner Movement: Chinese Qigong Energetics


See details below



Living Stress Free Day in the Park

June 5, 10AM - 6PM




Inner Movement: Chinese Qigong Energetics

Saturday, June 18








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