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Living Stress Free with the Incredible Vagus Nerve

sighWhen we are stressed or fatigued our breathing becomes more shallow and less variable. Our lungs function optimally when they are dynamic and changeable, adjusting to the nuances of our experiences. Our respiratory function does not work as well when we breathe in one particular state for too long. It is not natural. A deep sigh resets our breathing, loosens the diaphragm and provides a feeling of relief.

When we sigh we stimulate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is an incredibly important part of our body and mind. This article is dedicated to honoring the vagus nerve and learning ways to activate it to reduce and prevent stress; to feel healthier, happier and more relaxed.

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What is a Panic Attack from a Meditative Perspective?



This question spontaneously arose during our Mindercise class last Wednesday. The discussion that followed was thought-provoking and inspiring. The basis of answering this question is the role of the ego.

From a yogic perspective, the ego is who we think we are...


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Part 1: How Do I Know If I'm Meditating Correctly?



Marilyn and I like to refer to ourselves as the "experience people" because a big part of our teaching style when we teach people mindfulness meditation is to help them understand what they should be experiencing during meditation...


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Part 2: The Inner Posture



Although on one hand there are no correct or incorrect experiences during mindfulness meditation, on the other hand we all do share a general meditation experience...


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Part 3: Academia vs Apprenticeship

Night Sit


Traditionally, a person would learn mindfulness meditation from a teacher and would become his or her apprentice. Teachers would guide each student's understanding of their personal meditative experiences and through this process a student would become familiar with the goal of meditation... 


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Part 4: Meditation Map: Active Mind, Observing Awareness and Meditation Awareness

Two Meditators


Active Mind includes everything in human awareness that is transitory. Everything that comes into our mind, stays awhile and passes... 


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Part 5: Carrying Meditation Awareness Into Our Life



Meditation Awareness is a unique state of awareness but it is also a natural human experience that happens throughout our day such as when we are falling asleep...


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Part 6: No Effort Required



During Meditation Awareness all of our five senses are open and unrestricted. We hear every sound that enters our ears, we see every sight before us in our immediate surroundings, we taste any tastes that may be present, we feel our body's sensations as we sit or walk, and we smell any aromas in the air...




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Part 7: Know Thyself



Some of you might be thinking: "Well, experiencing Meditation Awareness may be enjoyable and it may even reduce my stress but what practical purpose does it have? Experience is all well and fine but..."  

Congratulations on asking such a great question because meditation is the ultimate paradox...




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