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Living Stress Free® Therapy and Meditation Instruction

 277 Alexander Street

Suite 303

Rochester New York 14607



 Living Stress Free Incorporated




Louis Guadagnino                                                       Marilyn Guadagnino 


Living Stress Free® was created to help you make the changes in your life you want to make.

All of us have the potential to create a better life. We have a system that can help you do it. 





Living Stress Free is a complete personal growth and wellness system. It can be used to enrich and improve your life no matter who you are. 


How Do You Learn to Live Stress Free? 


  • learn Living Stress Free Meditation 
  • make an appointment with an LSF Therapist 
  • take an LSF Course
  • try one of our LSF Workshops


How Will You Benefit?


  • decrease your stress
  • learn how to change old habits and lifestyle patterns
  • learn how to relax while you are working
  • increase creativity 
  • improve relationships
  • feel happier and more satisfied 
  • learn how to increase your energy through wellbeing 
  • develop insight, connection, compassion and wisdom


How to Access Living Stress Free: 


Meet with Marilyn for individual psychotherapy/creative counseling/relaxation training


Meet with Lou for individual meditation or schedule public talks and group seminars 



      Visit our website often for information about upcoming courses such as "Learn to Meditate", LSF meditation classes and specialized workshops 














Living Stress Free Creative Counseling

Music/Sound Therapy and Psychotherapy






Mindfulness Counseling

LSF Mindfulness Meditation Certification Training









Welcome to our secular wellness/mindfulness community❗️

For the latest courses, classes, socials, retreats, and general community info., please follow us on:


Facebook @: Living Stress Free Mindfulness Center

Meetup @: Rochester Living Stress Free® Mindfulness Meetup

Twitter @LSFProgram



Instagram @: living_stress_free


Please call or e-mail us with your comments, questions, and feedback.  

It is our pleasure and privilege to serve your wellness needs.

Happy meditating,

Lou and Marilyn Guadagnino

Living Stress Free®

Phone: (585) 451-1584







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