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Living Stress Free® Mindfulness Center of Rochester

 131 Gregory Street in the South Wedge of Rochester, New York 14620     585-451-1584


 Living Stress Free®


 Where mindfulness meditation is a way of life


  Our community spreads the benefits of mindfulness meditation to everyone by teaching LSF Meditation - a meditation practice that anyone can practice because it doesn't require concentration.



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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Six-Week Course starts September 22nd




Living Stress Free Wellness Program

Eight Week Course

Begins September 20th









Weekly Mindfulness Meditation Classes 

Saturday Mornings and Wednesday Evenings




Ego Course


Living Stress Free Ego Course




Living Stress Free Creative Counseling

Music/Sound Therapy and Psychotherapy






Mindfulness Counseling

LSF Mindfulness Meditation Certification Training









Welcome to our secular wellness/mindfulness community❗️

For the latest courses, classes, socials, retreats, and general community info., please follow us on:


Facebook @: Living Stress Free Mindfulness Center

Meetup @: Rochester Living Stress Free® Mindfulness Meetup

Twitter @LSFProgram



Instagram @: living_stress_free


Please call or e-mail us with your comments, questions, and feedback.  

It is our pleasure and privilege to serve your wellness needs.

Happy meditating,

Lou and Marilyn Guadagnino

Living Stress Free®

131 Gregory Street Rochester, NY 14620

Phone: (585) 451-1584







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