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Living Stress Free® Mindfulness Center of Rochester

 131 Gregory Street in the South Wedge of Rochester, New York 14620     585-451-1584


 Living Stress Free®




Louis Guadagnino                                                       Marilyn Guadagnino 


Living Stress Free® was created to help you make the changes in your life you want to make.

All of us have the potential to create a better life. We have a system that can help you do it. 





Living Stress Free is a complete personal growth and wellness system. It can be used to enrich and improve your life no matter who you are. 


How Do You Learn to Live Stress Free? 


  • learn Living Stress Free Meditation 
  • make an appointment with an LSF Therapist 
  • take an LSF Course
  • try one of our LSF Workshops


No matter who you are or how you live there is a way to get more Living Stress Free into your life. 


How Will You Benefit?


  • decrease your stress
  • learn how to change old habits and lifestyle patterns
  • learn how to relax while you are working
  • increase creativity 
  • improve relationships
  • feel happier and more satisfied 
  • learn how to increase your energy through wellbeing 
  • develop insight, connection, compassion and wisdom


How to Access Living Stress Free: 




Meet with Marilyn for individual psychotherapy/creative counseling/relaxation training


Meet with Lou for individual meditation or schedule public talks and group seminars


















Living Stress Free Creative Counseling

Music/Sound Therapy and Psychotherapy






Mindfulness Counseling

LSF Mindfulness Meditation Certification Training









Welcome to our secular wellness/mindfulness community❗️

For the latest courses, classes, socials, retreats, and general community info., please follow us on:


Facebook @: Living Stress Free Mindfulness Center

Meetup @: Rochester Living Stress Free® Mindfulness Meetup

Twitter @LSFProgram



Instagram @: living_stress_free


Please call or e-mail us with your comments, questions, and feedback.  

It is our pleasure and privilege to serve your wellness needs.

Happy meditating,

Lou and Marilyn Guadagnino

Living Stress Free®

131 Gregory Street Rochester, NY 14620

Phone: (585) 451-1584







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