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About Living Stress Free Inc



Living Stress Free, Inc. is an innovative company formed in 2011 with the mission of increasing wellness through an approach of traditional meditation and yogic practices that are supported by scientific research.


LSF Founder Lou Guadagnino has practiced meditation for almost forty years. He has had the good fortune to learn and practice Buddhist and Yogic meditation under recognized meditation masters. He has studied and practiced in the Zen and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions and in tantric and bhakti yoga traditions.  He has implemented his expertise in his work in psychiatry and addictions counseling. Lou’s lifelong goal is to assist the cultural transition of Buddhist and yoga meditation into Western culture. He is also currently writing a book on mindfulness practice. He enjoys art, music, poetry, cooking, wine and humor. 


Co-Founder Marilyn Guadagnino MTBC, LCAT has practiced Buddhist and Yogic meditation since 1993 under recognized meditation masters. Some of the meditation paths she has studied and experienced include Siddha Yoga, Zen Buddhism and Transcendental Meditation. She is especially fond of the Bhakti tradition and has many years experience leading kirtan chants. As a Music Therapist, Marilyn has created specific techniques using music-sound therapy and meditation to assist others in experiencing a holistic, calming, sustainable result by stilling the mind. She is currently expanding her private practice as a NYS Licensed Psychotherapist. She enjoys nature photography, movies, animals, food and drink, the creative arts and alternative medicine. 




"We have seen firsthand, in our own lives and in our work in the mental health field, how much meditation, sound therapy, and other spiritual practices improve people’s quality of life, health, and wellness. It is our dream to make these practices mainstream so more people discover them and enjoy their benefits.  


Many people avoid learning spiritual practices such as meditation because they believe they are religious. Others assume that they are “new age” and have no idea of their deep roots in history. Some simply never try them because they cannot relate to the cultural nuances of the traditions that have kept these practices alive, and others never learn because they don’t believe something so simple could be effective. 


We created Living Stress Free® in 2011, as our way of building a bridge between the many benefits of spiritual practices and all of us who live a contemporary Western lifestyle. We want to offer these natural, practical, techniques to absolutely everybody. We’ve done our best to keep the original intention of meditation practice, the understanding of its philosophy, and the precision of its technique, without promoting any specific culture, religion, or lifestyle. 


The true purpose of meditation, and all spiritual practices, is to eliminate suffering and encourage happiness and peace. These are universal needs that all of us share. We hope we are able to share some of the world’s most time-tested methods for happier living with you and those you love."


Wishing You All Good Things,

Lou and Marilyn


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