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About Marilyn Sydlo Guadagnino

MarilynMarilyn Guadagnino has practiced Buddhist and Yogic meditation since 1993 under recognized meditation masters. Some of the meditation paths she has studied and experienced include Siddha Yoga, Zen Buddhism and Transcendental Meditation. She is especially fond of the Bhakti tradition and has many years experience leading kirtan chants. As a Music Therapist, she has always wanted to combine the traditional music therapy philosophy with the ancient use of sound and vibration for healing. This began the exploration of Nada Yoga - union with sound. Marilyn created specific techniques using this marriage of music therapy and meditation to assist others in experiencing a holistic, calming effect by stilling the mind. Marilyn is a licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Music Therapist, teaches Mindercise™ Mindfulness classes, gives public talks, facilitates workshops and hosts meditation retreats. She enjoys nature photography, music, animals, food and drink, the creative arts and alternative medicine. 


Marilyn's Psychotherapy Practice

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