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Meditation Instruction with Lou Guadagnino




Learn Meditation from the author of It’s Never Too Late To Do Nothing: Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Intelligence and The Living Stress Free Wellness Program






When I started my personal meditation practice over forty years ago, I believed meditation was a technique and the goal was to master it. I loved playing sports and it was natural for me to think of meditation as a mental sport.


Whereas in golf the goal was to hit the ball into the cup in as few strokes as possible. I imagined that in meditation the goal was to reach a state of perfect ease and inner peace through perfecting the technique of meditation as soon as possible.


I was wrong about both - a meditation technique is only the beginning and the goal of meditation is much bigger, much richer and more profound than simply feeling better, performing better or accomplishing more.


Although meditation has helped me feel happier, more relaxed, joyful and creative, meditation has also taught me endurance, increased my mental and emotional flexibility and made me a more compassionate caring person.


Because of meditation I enjoy life more and I am much less judgmental of myself, other people, and of ideas and world views different than mine.


I can teach you how to meditate in about ten minutes but if that is all I did, ninety-nine percent of people I taught to meditate would give up meditating before they ever experienced its benefits.




Because learning how to meditate is the easy part. 




 Living Stress Free Meditation


Mindfulness Meditation is twenty-six hundred years old but unfortunately today mindfulness meditation means little more than a brand name.


Most of the techniques taught as mindfulness meditation today are really guided imagery or distraction techniques, which are both helpful tools but they are not mindfulness meditation. They also cannot help you improve your life the way genuine meditation does. 


LSF Meditation is our own mindfulness meditation technique also known as nondirective meditation. In directive meditation you concentrate as hard as possible with the goal of stopping your thoughts. Good luck!


In nondirective meditation you allow your mind and senses to do what they naturally do every moment of the day. There is no concentration required. You simply learn a very simple technique (LSF Meditation) which helps you pay attention to what is happening now. The more you are aware of what is happening now the less you think about the future or the past. 


LSF Meditation helps you experience deep peace and relaxation. LSF Meditation also helps you let go off the past and stop worrying about the future which helps you end old ingrained mental, emotion and behavioral patterns.


In other words we help you stop carrying your past into your future. 


Here's What You Learn 


  • Living Stress Free Meditation which doesn't require concentration
  • How stress is complicating every area of your life
  • How to discover your stress free zone
  • How to bring your stress free zone into every area of life
  • How to develop the life you want to live


Meditation isn’t limited to overcoming stress, anxiety, depression, pain and panic.


Meditation isn't only for decreasing suffering.


You do not have to be unhappy to meditate.


Genuine meditation is the world’s oldest and most powerful tool for optimal living.


By learning to recognize the part of your mind that is always calm, insightful and creative, meditation allows you to go beyond your limitations and to fulfill your life’s purpose.



Get Happy 



Schedule Your Appointment



  • Initial Individual Session (90 minutes) - learn the LSF Meditation technique and get a better understanding of what areas of your life need to be destressed
  • All subsequent Follow Up Sessions (75 minutes) - learn the LSF Meditation Tools to recognize progress, overcome obstacles, reduce stress and reach your goals




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