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Living Stress Free® Insight Therapy , Psychotherapy and Wellness Coaching

meTherapy for the Worried Well


Marilyn Guadagnino MT-BC LCAT is a NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Board Certified Music Therapist with 30 years experience working in both hospital and community mental health settings where she has practiced individual and group therapy, stress management, counseling and psychotherapy using mindfulness and creative arts therapy techniques.  


Marilyn has studied and practiced meditation and yogic philosophy since 1992, under authentic meditation masters. She teaches Mindfulness Meditation classes, Living Stress Free® Nada Meditation (a restorative sound mindfulness technique that she created), and the Living Stress Free® Wellness Program which teaches how to bring the state of meditation awareness into all areas of life, in a naturally balanced way.




Ten Reasons why Living Stress Free® creative counseling is unique and effective:


  1. Open-minded, unbiased, no agendas, no judgments.
  2. Easy going, inspired, spontaneous and positive - unconditional positive regard.
  3. All sessions are summarized with suggestions to implement between appointments, emailed to the participant. This  allows for continuity and a method to assist with keeping track of all the main themes discussed without trying to remember session to session.
  4. Therapy is based on mindfulness - learning how to open your awareness to the present moment, instead of dwelling on the past or the future. The past can be processed, understood, and then let go. Anticipatory anxiety about the future can be re-perceived and significantly lessened or eliminated. Mindfulness = optimal living.
  5. You will learn how to stop struggling with your mind and identify with the part of you that is your true self - who you really are.
  6. Everything discussed remains completely confidential - a perfect outlet for disclosing sensitive, private issues, with complete discretion.
  7. After working thirty years in the mental health field, Marilyn brings a vast knowledge base acquired more from practical experience than just book knowledge. She can easily assess what is a natural reaction vs what is a serious concern. This skill is fine-tuned only through years of experience.
  8. Specializes in helping people with anxiety, excessive worry, ruminating thoughts, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, mood swings, grief and loss, relationship issues and excessive, overwhelming stress.
  9. You will have complete freedom and anonymity due to self-pay pricing, not subject to the rules and restrictions of insurance companies. No one will ever need to know you are in therapy.
  10. Marilyn's therapy practice is part of Living Stress Free Inc, a wonderful resource to access more innovative services to enhance personal development and self improvement as your progress unfolds.



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How do I start?


1.  Email to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment:


2.  Choose which package meets your needs depending on how many sessions you would like to commit to.


3.  Pay for your session here, before your appointment. If you prefer to pay by cash in person, please let Marilyn know. Insurance is not accepted. Please notify 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend a session to reschedule. Otherwise, payment is due. No refunds.





The DuoI. The Duo - Two 60-minute sessions

Ideal for those who are coming to therapy with a specific problem in need of a practical solution without a goal of processing situations, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Session 1 provides an opportunity for a full consultation with suggestions to resolve the problem. Session 2 serves as a follow-up with suggestions for the future. 

Price: $150


Short TermII. Short-Term Therapy - Five 60-minute Sessions

Five weeks of therapy designed to unravel stress patterns, difficult issues and unhealthy behaviors to help understand what is the root of the problem and what can help. The intense weekly focus allows for processing of thoughts and feelings and discovery of what barriers are getting in the way of health, happiness and contentment. Experiential solutions will be implemented in the sessions. Sessions do not have to all be used weekly, but must be used within 6-months.

Price: $350


PremiumIII. Premium Package - Ten 60-minute sessions

This package is designed for those who are serious about changing their life. If you've ever said to yourself "I'm a mess ... its time I do something about my life..." or if you have nobody in your life to talk to about difficult issues, this is the best option for you. Sessions do not have to all be used weekly, but must be used within 6-months.

Price: $700


IV. The 3/4 Deal - Eight 45-minute sessions

For some, 45 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a session. Making a committment for eight consecutive sessions is an effective way to cultivate real change. Sessions do not have to all be used weekly, but must be used within 6-months.

Price: $440


You can continue to meet for sessions less frequently using the À la carte options below:


living stress freeÀ la carte Individual Counseling, Coaching or Psychotherapy

30 min session: $40
45 min session: $60
60 min session: $80


Please use shopping cart for payment.




Office Location:

Medical Arts Building

277 Alexander Street

Suite 303

Rochester, NY 14607

see map here



Email with questions and to schedule an appointment:




usMarilyn and her husband Lou Guadagnino co-founded Living Stress Free, Inc. a company dedicated to helping people reduce and prevent stress, increasing health, happiness and success through a complete personal growth and wellness system. Living Stress Free Inc. offers mindfulness meditation classes, individual mindfulness meditation instruction with follow up support, mindfulness coaching, self-help courses, weekend retreats and corporate seminars.




Marilyn's Nada Relaxation Technique and her new CD Quiet Cloud

Mindfulness Counseling with Lou Guadagnino







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