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Mindfulness and Prosperity




When most of us think of prosperity we usually assume it means owning an abundance of wealth. Maybe we picture ourselves living in a beautiful home, traveling, celebrating with friends, eating at the best restaurants, and maintaining our youth. 


From a mindful perspective all these things are unimportant in-and-of-themselves. Don’t misunderstand, mindfulness isn’t “anti-wealth” or “pro-poverty.” It doesn’t place any more value on austerity than on living lavishly. 


Living mindfully makes us appreciate the simplicity and beauty of everything around us. We appreciate the flavors and aromas of gourmet dishes, as much as and no less than, a hearty bowl of oatmeal. We see the beauty of an old log decomposing in a forest as much we see the beauty of a polished ornate piece of furniture. 


Mindfulness awareness shows us the world the way it is without all our elaborate opinions, assumptions, memories, and emotional reactions. The raw beauty of the world becomes obvious to us and we realize that we all are truly prosperous. Life itself is the greatest wealth. All we must do is learn how to properly experience it so we may know its true value and harmonize our life with that value. 


Suggested Mindful practice: 

Take time each day to be fully present, no matter what you are doing. For example, if you are walking, feel your feet touch the ground: heal first, then the bottom of each foot, and finally your toes. Feel your whole body as you take each step and feel your breath as you exhale and inhale. There is no need to try to synchronize your breath with your movements. Simply feel, and become aware of your movements. Think whatever you are thinking, but be aware of your thoughts as part of your walking experience not the main focus of your attention. If you become lost in your thoughts to the point of losing awareness of your movements, body, breath, and environment, simply remind yourself that you are thinking by silently noting “thinking, thinking,” and return to mindful walking. After several days of practicing mindful activity notice how your experience and appreciation for details as well as for whole environments is enhanced. 


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