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Mindfulness and Education


Academic education is a product of comprehending, retaining, and assimilating new information. In today’s “accelerated” learning environment it is easy to feel overwhelmed. When you’re feeling overwhelmed your ability to comprehend and retain information is sharply reduced; the exact opposite effect which an accelerated model of education is supposed to produce.  


Mindfulness Meditation gives us a unique approach to dealing with stress and feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t try to distract us from the stress we are feeling, nor does it encourage us to overemphasize its importance. Mindfulness simply and accurately makes stress “a part of the picture.” When our attention is freed from stress our comprehension, retention, and assimilation of new information increases. Its method is simple. Be aware of what is occurring in your awareness. Hear the sounds, feel your body, experience your ever-changing emotions and moods. Think your thoughts but stay aware that you are thinking. 


Suggested Mindful Practice:

As you go about your day allow your awareness to feel your breath as it exhales your nose. Feel it pass out through your nostrils. Be aware of the point where your exhalation pauses before the next inhalation begins. Include awareness of your body and immediate surroundings. When you feel you need to concentrate, drop your awareness of your breath. Return to feeling your exhalation when you can relax your attention again. After several days of practicing, compare your stress level and your ability to think clearly and keep up with your schedule, to a time before starting mindfulness practice.




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