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Mindfulness and Relationships




Relationships are grounded in mindfulness. Whenever we are mindful we immediately become aware of our environment and everyone in it, which is the basis of all relationships. 


Relationships begin with awareness. When we are in a relationship, remaining mindful of the other person is the most essential thing we can do to make our relationship rewarding and healthy. There are many things we can do to improve our relationships: learn communication skills, empathy, listening skills, learn about different cultures, but they all assume mindfulness or awareness as a precondition. 


Without mindfulness whatever we learn about relationships is purely academic. We will be able to share the information we learned, debate it, defend it, ignore it, but it will remain ineffective. Mindfulness is relationship. 


Suggested Mindfulness Practice:

Wherever you go, whatever you are doing, listen. If someone speaks to you, give your full attention to his or her words. If no one is speaking, open your awareness to include the sounds in your environment. Remain aware of your body and breath while you listen. You don’t have to focus exclusively on the sounds in your environment or someone speaking; remain aware of your body and breath at the same time. 






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