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Mindfulness and Spirituality

Mindfulness practice seems to naturally fit into spirituality. After all, it is one of the essential Buddhist meditation techniques. But, it is easy to be spiritual without being mindful. Many of us consider ourselves spiritual and what we mean is we have spiritual beliefs. We believe in “oneness” or that there is a divine reality. 


Adding mindfulness to our spiritual life makes spirituality practical and highly effective. We are free to keep believing whatever we believe but through mindfulness practice we gain clarity, precision, and awareness. We also tap into innate wisdom; a wisdom that is only available when we are fully present in the moment. For someone who has developed mindful awareness, “things just work out.” They no longer need to worry or calculate success. 


Suggested Mindfulness Practice:

Choose a spiritual practice or ritual you perform regularly. For our example we will choose prayer but you can apply these suggestions to any practice. Next time you pray simply add awareness to your praying. Rather than solely focusing on your thoughts, intentions, and emotions, feel your breath, be aware of your posture, keep your eyes partially open so you remain aware of your environment, and allow your awareness to include the room you are in and any people who may be around you. Take in the whole panoramic environment and your body and breath. Notice any differences between your regular prayer sessions and your mindful-prayer sessions after several attempts. 










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