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Living Stress Free® Beginner's Level Teacher Training Certification


Living Stress Free offers a rare and unique teacher training and certification program that offers each graduate the tools and knowledge they need to teach mindfulness meditation with competency, experience, and knowledge.


Our training program is not like other certification programs. We train each and every teacher using a traditional apprenticeship model. This ancient tradition assures that every LSF teacher practices meditation him or herself under the guidance of a more experienced teacher and that they have learned to experience Meditation Awareness and can guide students to the same experience and understanding.


1. Learn how to teach a genuine mindfulness meditation technique that does not require concentration.


2. Learn to experience Meditation Awareness, the goal of meditation, and discover how to implement it into every area of your life, to help increase wellness in both your life and the lives of your students.


3. Learn to recognize the three experiential components of your meditation practice - Active Mind, Observing Awareness, and Meditation Awareness, and learn how to teach these components to your students. This is how your students will know they are meditating correctly. 


4. Learn a complete systemic theory and terminology that helps you communicate the meditation technique, meditation process, and goal of meditation to your students.


5. Learn to understand your student's motives for meditating so you can help them understand and reach their goals.


6. Learn the history of Buddhist and Yogic meditation and discover what the greatest teachers of these ancient practices taught about their techniques.


7. Learn how to teach a Living Stress Free beginner's level meditation class and receive personal supervision.


8. Living Stress Free pledges continued support and education to every student graduating our Living Stress Free® Beginner's Level Teacher Certification Program.


louCertification Requirements


- Student's application for certification must be accepted by Living Stress Free, Inc prior to payment. To apply please contact Lou Guadagnino at


- Students must have LSF Meditation class experience


- Students must complete the Living Stress Free Meditation Teacher Certification curriculum, testing, and mentorship prior to teaching


- In order to graduate all students must show proficiency in the following areas:

A) students regularly experience Meditation Awareness and recognize their experience
B) students know the LSF model, its terminology and can use it spontaneously when working with their students
C) students have a basic understanding of both yogic and Buddhist classical meditation texts and can use such texts to help students understand their personal meditation experiences 


- Students must pay Living Stress Free, Inc an annual $100.00 fee for processing charges


- Students must complete ten hours of continuing education classes annually taught through Living Stress Free, Inc. Classes are for fee and will be taught by the Living Stress Free Center's Meditation Teacher Certification faculty. 



Living Stress Free Director of Meditation Studies and Teaching Certification - Lou Guadagnino


Living Stress Free Mindfulness Meditation Teacher's Certification - $750.00 USD











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