You Are What You Are Looking For

by | Sep 19, 2017 | General

Recently, we were asked a wonderful question. The question was simple and came from the heart. We enjoyed the question so much we thought it was worth sharing. We hope you enjoy it too.

Question: What is the essence of Living Stress Free? What is the goal of our practices and everything we are learning?

Answer: The message of LSF is, “You are what you are looking for.” Everything is inside you. It doesn’t matter what you want in life, it is inside you. If you are looking for love, and you fall in love with someone, the love you feel and enjoy is inside you. If you want to achieve something great in this world the ability to do it is inside you. If you want wealth, the first thing you must understand is you are your own greatest source of wealth. What good would material wealth be if there wasn’t you to enjoy it? Whatever inner resources you have to create wealth are inside you. If you want wellness and good health, you must love yourself enough to do the things that will support your good health. If you want to relax and enjoy life more, you must find joy, lightness, and humor inside you. No matter what you want in the world, the journey to attainment begins and ends with you. This is the LSF Message.

We do not claim to be the original authors of our message because our message is an ancient one. Many wise spiritually enlightened persons have shared this same message over thousands of years. Their message through the ages is the same: You are it. You are the universe. You are not some tiny person stuck inside a body that will one day disappear. You are everything. Without your ears, there would be no sound. Without your eyes, there would be no things to see. Through you, the universe hears and sees. The wise and enlightened who have shared this message have lived every type of life imaginable. Some of them were religious and some were not. Some lived extraordinary lives and others lived ordinary lives or lived in poverty under challenging conditions. Some were recognized for their gifts and others were ignored or abused. Some came from great civilizations and others lived in forests.

Our wish is to share with you what we have personally learned about, “You are what you are looking for,” and to offer you engaging ways to deepen your understanding and personal experience of perhaps the world’s oldest most universal spiritual message of all time. The journey to discovering who you really are is a fantastic adventure. It’s a journey that is life changing and one that will fill your heart and mind with gratitude and inspiration. Come join us and start the adventure.

Lou and Marilyn