LSF Meditation is Nondirective Meditation

by | Sep 30, 2019 | General, Meditation

Living Stress Free Meditation is a unique, easy technique that helps process old emotions and accumulated stress, and is one of the most important techniques used in the Living Stress Free®️ Stress Reduction System. 

We have many experiences every day. When you add the experiences we have while dreaming, we are pretty much-experiencing something all the time. All of these experiences cause emotional reactions and many of them cause stress. Most of us are unaware that stress and emotions need to be processed much like food needs to be digested. We need to be able to feel our emotions and stress, make sense out of them, and move on. Unfortunately, most of us avoid feeling negative emotions and stress out of fear of feeling overwhelmed, so we don’t make sense out of them and we don’t move on.

The LSF Meditation technique teaches the simple skill of sitting quietly and allowing thoughts, emotions, memories, images, sensations, sounds, and anything that comes into your mind to come and go. You don’t have to concentrate on one thing such as your breath, a sound, a word, body part or anything else. You don’t have to block anything out of your mind. The technique does the work for you. 

LSF Meditation is a form of nondirective meditation. Research shows that nondirective meditation is the best meditation technique for processing memories and emotions by activating the brain’s Default Mode Network (DMN). In contrast, when one practices a concentration-based meditation technique, where the goal is to maintain attention exclusively on a meditation object (breath, sound, word, etc.) to quiet rumination, the brain’s DMN is not as active as when practicing nondirective meditation. Therefore, fewer emotions and memories are processed; less stress is processed. 

University of Oslo neuroscientist, Svend Davanger, who co-authored research comparing nondirective meditation with concentration-based meditation explained it this way: “The study indicates that nondirective meditation allows for more room to process memories and emotions than during concentrated meditation. This area of the brain has its highest activity when we rest. It represents a kind of basic operating system, a resting network that takes over when external tasks do not require our attention. It is remarkable that a mental task like nondirective meditation results in even higher activity in this network than regular rest.”

LSF Meditation is a simple, easy, nondirective meditation technique that helps you process stress. We suggest you practice LSF Meditation daily for twenty to thirty minutes to process old stress and prevent new stress. LSF Meditation is taught online individually and in classes, because we believe strongly in personal face to face instruction with a certified LSF Meditation Teacher. There are two requirements necessary to succeed at lowering stress using LSF Meditation: learning the technique correctly and understanding how to process stress. Both require personal instruction. Visit us at LivingStressFree.Org to learn more about LSF Meditation and register for instruction.