Like Attracts Like

by | Mar 4, 2018 | General

In 391 BC, the Greek philosopher Plato noted that “likes tend towards likes.”

Have you noticed it? Like attracts like.

This is a foundational truism for the law of attraction.

It is also present in the scientific community.

Did you know that if you make two metal spheres positively electrically charged, bring them close together, they will most probably attract one another, which goes against the laws of basic physics? This counterintuitive result was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society (2012)

This rings true for emotions and feelings. If you are happy you will spontaneously be drawn to happy people, places, and things. It will feel natural. Sadness will attract that which is low energy, quiet or stagnant. Frustration and irritability will cause an attraction to angry energy. This knowledge is helpful because it answers the question “why do I choose unhealthy habits when I should be choosing healthy habits?”

Stress seeks out more stress. If you’re having a really bad day, how likely is it that you will drink a healthy smoothie, meditate and go to the gym? Not very likely. You will probably drink alcohol, eat junk food, smoke cigarettes, or seek out your disgruntled friends to complain about how awful your day was. This does not make you a failure. It makes you human.

Be aware of this knowledge and adjust accordingly. Bring your stress level down before you try to implement those healthy habits. Otherwise, you will most likely just get mad at yourself. Manage the stress, not the situation. Then you can problem solve your situation with ease.

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