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You Are What You Are Looking For
Lou and Marilyn Guadagnino 09/19/2017
Recently, we were asked a wonderful question. The question was simple and came from the heart. We enjoyed the question so much we thought it was worth sharing. We hope you enjoy it too.  Question: What is the essence of Living Stress Free? What is the goal of our practices and everything we are learning?           
What Does Perfect Mental Health Look Like?
Marilyn Guadagnino 09/10/2017
" ... So, what does perfect mental health feel like? If you want to get there you have to know what you're shooting for. It's our essential target practice. However, this is a difficult question for many people to answer because it’s so unfamiliar. The qualities you identify with will set the stage for your future, so it is an essential question to answer. Healthy change requires a change in perception... " read more
Hanging Out in the Now - Understanding Mindfulness
Marilyn Guadagnino 08/26/2017
"Let’s talk about awareness. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives the definition of “aware” as having or showing realization, perception or knowledge. Consequently, being aware equals knowing something. What if we look at awareness on a broader scale. If we limit awareness to just having knowledge, it stays on the level of thought and all thoughts are based on the past. The mind compares our present experience with memories of our impressions from the past. If we can perceive awareness as an action that goes beyond just knowledge, we have an amazing tool that can enhance our experience of life and potentially create positive change..." read more
Can You Really Live Stress Free?
Marilyn Guadagnino 08/16/2017
"Someone on Twitter recently asked me: Is it really a goal to live stress free? Or is it more to manage stress effectively and figure out what level is productive? Her question is a common one that I’d like to clarify and discuss. Living stress free is not a remote possibility or pollyanna idea. It is most definitely possible. You live stress free by changing your relationship with stress. No, we cannot stop stressful circumstances from happening to us, but we can perceive the circumstances with awareness and a balanced perspective ... " read more
Put Down the Magnifying Glass
Marilyn Guadagnino 08/06/2017
" ...Why is dropping the storyline difficult? It's familiar and provides a sense of security. It is common for people to fear the unknown. Thoughts are from the past so they are known. That which is known provides a sense of hope, a feeling that things can get better. How often do you notice people who are very stressed have a wish that things return to how they were - "if only we can live the way we did in the past, everything would be alright." The truth is there were just as many problems back then as there are now, yet people still feel secure with the idea of returning to that which is known..." read more
Curiosity and Mindful Living
Marilyn Guadagnino 07/29/2017
"What you identify with you become. If you perceive yourself as a confident, self assured, relaxed person who can handle whatever comes your way, you will imbibe that state naturally. However, if you identify as a worthless, messed-up, difficult person who can't seem to get it right, guess what? Your life will mirror that again and again. That is why it is very important not to identify with the stressed part of you..." read more
LSF Team Meditation Blog
Marilyn and Lou Guadagnino 07/29/2017
" ... It was noticed how the first round of meditation seemed to be more difficult for some due to the stress of the day coming to the forefront and releasing. This stress must be felt to release. The result was restlessness, struggle, uncomfortable sensations and distraction. Once this transient stress was released, the second sitting was much smoother.  For others, the first sitting was easier because the stillness and silence of the initial meditation loosened up accumulated stress that is deeply hidden in the body. The second sitting began unraveling this stress resulting in difficult thoughts and feelings from the past overpowering the experience. This too is normal and helpful because residual and accumulated stress must be released to feel better and do better in life. LSF Meditation is extremely helpful for cultivating this necessary release to occur..." read more
Presence is Truly a Present
Marilyn Guadagnino 07/23/2017
"...Overthinking is destructive. Attachment to thinking leads to experiencing unhealthy feelings and behaviors. Thinking takes us away from the reality of the present moment because we have a tendency to believe every thought we have as truth, fact and reality. Even more important, whenever thinking is engaged, a person is not fully present experiencing the moment that is occurring. They are experiencing their thoughts about the moment occurring..." read more
Meditation is Yoga - Yoga is Meditation
Lou Guadagnino 07/19/2017
"Yoga’s popularity is at an all time high. It is right up there with the popularity of mindfulness meditation which has influenced psychology and medicine as it’s benefits become scientifically proven and the practice gains respect in healthcare. But both of these practices have ancient roots which are seldom understood by yoga teachers and mindfulness meditation teachers alike. Understanding a little bit about the history of these powerful spiritual tools will help us get more out of our practice and it will increase our focus and intention by clarifying our goal..." read more    

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