Four Reasons Why You Should Learn Living Stress Free Meditation®  


Reason 1 - It's Easy and Effective

Learn an incredibly easy, effective, and simple meditation technique. The LSF Meditation technique is a type of nondirective meditation. This means you don’t have to exclusively concentrate on something such as your breath, a word, or a part of your body and block everything else out. It also means you don’t have to make your mind go blank. When you practice LSF Meditation you can think thoughts, hear sounds, feel emotions like always, and allow your mind and senses to carry on as usual. All you have to do is learn a simple technique which helps you observe your mental and physical states simultaneously. The rest happens automatically with regular practice.
Reason 2 - It Processes and Releases Stress

The LSF Meditation technique opens up your senses and widens your field of attention so you naturally become aware of everything going on mentally and physically. For example, maybe you hold stress in your lower back but your mind is so busy you seldom feel the tension. Or maybe you habitually think negative thoughts about yourself but you are usually only aware of the bad mood these thoughts create. Maybe you become angry for seemingly no reason and you have trouble controlling your outbursts. In all three of these cases, LSF Meditation would help by following the same process: it assists you in observing your stress patterns, which helps you understand how and why they are created, and it allows you to release your stress. Stress is released through the experience of LSF Meditation because only when you are not concentrating on anything, not distracting yourself, and not trying to fix your problems, can your stress naturally release. In LSF, we call this "getting out of your own way."
Reason 3 - You Experience the Stressless State

Everyone experiences a monologue with themselves that is pretty much nonstop. When our thoughts are happy and cheerful we feel happy and cheerful. When our thoughts are negative and agitated we feel negative and agitated. If our thoughts are preoccupied with our schedules and deadlines we feel rushed. In a very real sense, we are at the mercy of our thoughts because we feel whatever they create. We could try to control our thoughts but it would be an endless task that is difficult to sustain, and we would get poor returns for our efforts.
Living Stress Free offers a better way. At the deepest level of our mind, there is a point where our thoughts originate, a place where they begin to emerge into conscious awareness. Each thought — whether it is a painful thought or a pleasant thought — rises out of this inner point of deep silence. Every thought we have spontaneously rises out of this silence and dissolves back into this silence. If you are wondering why we are not already aware of this silence the reason is simple: we place all of our attention on what we are thinking and feeling. LSF Meditation naturally expands our attention beyond what we are thinking and feeling until we experience the place inside where thoughts originate; a place of deep energy and stillness, a stressless state. Experiencing this stressless state processes and releases stress.
Reason 4 - It's the First Step towards Living a Stress-Free Life

Once you have learned LSF Meditation, started to discover the stressless state, and have begun processing the stress you have accumulated in your life, we’ll help you learn how to bring balance and ease into your life. After all, stress seeps into every area of life, why wouldn't the stressless state do the same? We will show you how to expand the experience you gain during meditation into the Eight Living Areas of Life. We will teach you supportive LSF techniques and a whole new way of understanding stress that will help you get all the benefits possible from LSF Meditation. 


You can learn LSF Meditation from a certified LSF Meditation Teacher in Rochester, New York or by using Skype. You can also learn in a class or by downloading LSF Meditation instructions - includes audio and ebook.


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